Friday, December 02, 2005

Wanna get a PS2....almost kena CON

Last few days ago, i went to a shop which is near to my working place, ask for the price for a modified PS2? RM650

Today i went to ask that shop about the price:
Me: What's the price for the modified PS2?
Shopkeeper: RM650 full modified with 2 controller.

Me: (So cheap, direct ask the REAL question)If wanna to play DVD9 cd, then wat's te price to add on to change the modchip?

Shopkeeper:That one the modchip have to modify......will be RM750, but i can give you the price at RM730

Me: what modchip you all using?

Shopkeeper: Messiah, very good modchip, not like the RM650 which can only play certain game.

Me: Messiah? I though it is just only available for the FAT version of PS2? isnt that slim should use NH-9?

Shopkeeper: Not la, now the Messiah is more powerful....last time cannot, now can liao.

Me: (You tak atau tak tau? I not sure la...i am not expert in PS2)then is it that package both also pirated controller?

Shopkeeper: No, it is just only one original controller, if want to get another one, then...RM750

Me: (i wanna to ask whether is it original or not, it should come with the PS2 package)how about the memory card?

Shopkeeper: memory card ar...that one is cost RM65, then add on will be RM815.

The shopkeeper see me got no response, then said

Shopkeeper: ok la, RM800,i only earn you a little only..........

I still got no response.....

Shpkeeper: you better come faster, next week the SCH-70002 will come out, the price wil be extra expensive 10-20 bucks. In addition, this new version is not available to modify yet...have to wait longer for newer modchip

Me: erm...isnt that last number behind the model is represent regional?

Shopkeeper: ....Ya, they got divide into europe and asian regional, we are taking the asian regional.

Me: ok time only i come to take a look, out of my budget, cannot buy now la.

Shopkeeper: ok faster come on this week before the stor finish, all the price can be negotiate...confirm below 900 can settle...
Me: ok....thank you.

So, what's my conclusion? buy from other place instead of this place la.....
RM800 for a 2 original controller, fully modified modchip (can play DVD 9),
with a original price is the standard price...if get cheaper than that RM100++, sure somethings wrong..........haha!

Sony specilist shop selling it as RM799 without any modified and just only a controller and a memory. It is not really that other source can get A LOT cheaper than them...if yes, Ada Udang Di Sebelah Batu..

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Shopping in Giant....

Long time I didn’t update my blog….kind like a busy life…don’t know what am I busy at about…

Yesterday I went to Sunway Pyramid’s giant to buy some stuff like the light bulb to make my room look brighter. Looks at various brand of light bulb, they all look kind like the same. Got OSRAM(new brand and recently introduced in Malaysia), Philips (not philip, haha! when got many philip appear will become philips lo)…still got some unknown brand with cheaper price. After stared it for around 10 minutes, and pick one Philip “ECOTONE” 15Watt light bulb, RM17, quite a reasonable price because last time I bought one 20Watt at the price RM33 in my house area.

During on the way to the counter, I saw a price checker machine. Put the bar code near to the machine, heard the song “Beep”, look at the screen……like no response. Tried few more times, Beep beep beep…still the same….haih…fine la. Then saw the new Kit Kat Bar in black cool package, get one and walk to the counter to pay money. Wonder is it many workers still in Hari Raya, the BIG Giant supermarket only open 2 counters. A long queue……wait….finally my turn. Paid the money RM50, and get return around RM11++….how come so less. Look at the resit and see the price, WAT! RM28.99? erm….go there and check the price again…..well well……..the put the wrong label…..which the label placed below the tray doesn’t mean it is the real price for tat particular item.

After my analysis, my conclusion is……..the actual price is RM26.89. Then…how come the price …..haih…At first wanna just walk away and dun bother about the RM2 differences. Then, since it is still got some free time before the movie “Corpse bride” Just go to the customer service counter, and ask about the staff there. Well, friendly staff and willing to give help. After wait there for 5minutes, finally a young manager holding my “light bulb”. Wait another 10minutes to confirm the price. After they confirmed it is their mistake, then the manager asked me to fill in a feedback form, then he start to key in “My detail” into the system…..wait another 15minutes just for key in(I really wonder whether he never use the system before or….). And finally I got my RM2.10 back. During the meanwhile, there are few customers bought the product to asked them check for the price, there are also many aunty who bought many shopping bags intend just enter the Gaint without keep it in the customer service. Then the staff will start to “HELLO” “HELLO” to stop the customer. I saw a couple also by pass the customer service and the staff blocked them…

Staff : Hellooooo
Girl : okok… (start to put the shopping begs on the customer service table)
Staff: U….itu beg tak boleh bawa masuk (the staff pointing the hand beg which wearing on the guy’s shoulder)
Staff: Jika kamu perempuan bolehlah, tapi laki tak boleh bawa “handbag”. Atau macam ini, you tanya girl friend tolong kamu bawa itu “handbag”.
When that guy intend to pass the beg to his gf, tat girl just take his “handbag” and pass it together with the shopping begs…

Then another aunty who just finished pay the money and come to collect free gift.
Aunty: ini (pointing at the product she bought) nak ambil free gift.
Staff : sorry la……itu free gift sudah habis la. Ok la..saya bagi anda itu cawan (he point at a plastic cup which is very “Cheap” type)
Aunty: bagi saya itu (pointing to the plastic box)
Staff: itu…………er……………
Aunty: Bagi la. (speaking with the high tone)
Staff: okok la……….
And finally he gave her desire plastic box….

Actually, I doesn’t really bother about that RM2. If I knew I need to wait tat long just to get back the RM2, maybe I will just said forget about it…although we got back what we suppose to get, but then we already spends times to just “GET WAT WE SHOULD GET”. After we got it, do we getting something EXTRA free gift? No la……of coz. Then why should we waste another half an hour just to waste some “unnecessary time on unnecessary things”? Well, I would definitely said they are friendly to provide some good service, I don’t blame about the mistake because I knew there are up to thousand of products, it is not tat easy to maintain all the price to keep update on it.

Anyway…I learned some lessons today:
1) If working in the super market, surely can see many types of customers and things happens
2) Aunty always “good” in getting something “valuable” , especially you can see all the aunty in the DISCOUNT event…

That’s all for the story, kind like a bit long la..hehe!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Working holiday

When come to Friday, usually most of our friends are happy because the next two days will be off...........Can take a long at home....

This week the project is quite peak. Saturday have to work, Sunday also have to work...
I already worked OT until 10 - 11 something on Thursday and friday night, why should I have to work for saturday and sunday too?

Yesterday was my dad's birthday, so my Project Manager allows me to go home on time to celebrate my dad's birthday in a Steamboat restaurant which located in Puchong. My body was feeling so stiff to moving or chit chat. Suddenly I got a sms from my Project Manager. In the sms, the content is like this:

"Boss ask you to modify your system to use the Microsoft access database, this order is coming from boss"

When receive it, I am like.....................What he wants is want me to convert my system which originally using Informix database to become Access Database.

Last time i read an email, we must always fulfill 2 golden rules when we are working:
Rule 1: Boss is always right
Rule 2: When the Boss doing wrong, pls refer back to the first rule.

What to do? Rush to go home, and modify the system.....Finally managed to do it.
Today is Sunday.......I have to stay in office or later have to go to customer side to help them set up the system.Grr.......If got OT pay of course is fine la....but THIS ONE HAS NO OT pay. We only can claim the dinner meal if we worked until 8pm ++...

Friday, September 02, 2005


Last night I played the "Dungeon Siege II" until 12 o'clock. Then, lying on bed also like cant close my eyes. I used to sleep around 10:30, and I will fall sleep within 5minutes. Maybe long time didnt play the game, that's why last night play until midnight still didnt realize it was so brain cells are still so active not to eyes wanna close itself.

Maybe last night not really sleep on time, that's why in the mind is still thinking......"Another day start like this". My body telling me I should sleep more, my brain force my body to start a new day....

This morning something embarrass happened to me. When reach the office, no one reach yet. Usually my boss will reach to office on morning around 6am.............but today he also not reach here yet. So, I have to open the door myself. Opened 6 locks, put on my door security identify card to the machine, then key in the pin code "******". Usually once the pin code accepted, the main door can be open and you can hear a little beeping sound. And then, We must have to rush enter the main door and deactivate the internal alarm as fast as possible. Or else the internal alarm will start beeping loudly.

I am kind like a bit blur blur....after enter the main door; wanna to press the pin code for the internal alarm. After key in pin code "******", The little beeping seen stopped, I thought the pin code is accepted by the internal alarm. Then everything fine....

After a while, the ALARM start to beeping loudly.....Oh.....NOoOOOO....I accidentally triggered the security alert. My heart become 120Bit per minutes.....I keep trying few pin codes, the alarm still didn’t stopped..............NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo.....................

I rush to come out from the office, and looking for help.
Firstly call to A colleague, no one pick the call....O......ya....he is riding the motorcycle, how possible to heard it???
Secondly call to my project manager, still don’t to pick my call....Then i still to feel how bad design the Motorola phone, keeping disallow me to select the contact name properly from my address book................................

Thirdly, I manage to contact another colleague, he told me....He guess the pin code is "******", ask me to try it again. "WATSS???, you guess?" choice, faster rush into the office again, and I still have to key in the pin code at the external alarm in order to open the main door again...........finally i manage to make the internal alarm stop beeping....................

In the office the secretary table's phone was ringing, so i pick up the phone.....o.......not BOSS calling...
Boss: Who is speaking over there?
YS: YS...
Boss: What happaned just now in the office.....?"
YS: Sorry to accidently triggered the security alert...(apologize before he start scolding")
Boss: so do you know the pin code to deactivate the alarm?
YS : Ya, I did (If not, you can still heard the alarm beeping la......, of course I oledi deactivated it)

After I want to move out from the office to the customer side, another colleague reach and asked me M I the one who enter the office just now? The boss was calling her to ask her reach to office ASAP to check out what happened........

How advances are the alarm nowadays, external pin code, internal pin code, plus a security identify card. I able to imagine and feel how the thief might “feel” if they accidentally pick the wrong target and the alarm start beeping loudly….some more connected to the owner’s phone.

What’s the bad day....HAih.......

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Google Earth

Do you have a dream of imagine you can travel around the world? It needs money? Of course it is, but there is one alternative way you can do it without money. Google introduce new Satellite software (“Not real time!!!!”) to allow you to search any place from your desktop. You might zoom into the level until you able to identify the small object as like Car, Bus... Well......don’t getting too excite first, because it depends on what location you are looking for.

Let’s said for famous place like Japan, Singapore.......No can zoom into that deepest level. If you just like me who staying in Malaysia, then too bad! You only allowed zooming into the "State" zoom. Which mean it is not in "Detail and high" resolution; is still nice to see the scenery from top view.

Here are some examples of the screen shots:

This is the most Top view - An earth (of course it is just one la!!)

Malaysia Map

Malaysia Map- Zoom in further

Malaysia Map - Zoom in more further (Note:Cannot go into more deep)

The bridge that connect between Malaysia and Singapore

The most deep level it can goes...Into Singapore (This zoom level not available for malaysia yet!)

Where to download it?
If you wanna get a pro version, you might get it from me if you see me online and when I am in free, haha!

Monday, August 08, 2005


Until today….i realized many of us spend a lot in foods! One of the way to save money is everyday eat in mamak, bring the water yourself, dun order any drinks, haha!

But…the question is how many days can you having the same types of foods? Sure we will wanna to try something which is nice, and cheap, right? Most of the nice foods come with expensive price, such as Sushi King, Secret Recipe, Pizza Hut, Shakey Pizza, Bread Story, Starbuck, Coffeebean…(coffee, nice taste), Kenny Roger….wow…a lot!

If we count it in math, let said in a month we spend 300 in foods, the division is like:

35 times in KFC or Mc Donald or
25 times in Shakey Pizza Express Lunch Set or
25 cups of Coffeebeans or
20 times in Pizza Huts or
16 times spend in Secret Recipe or
15 times in Sushi King

Therefore, if we only eat once per day, just imagine you can enjoy KFC or Mc Donald everydays, switch among it in one or two days, haha! Anyway, if want a cheap price for food, just go for 2 roti canai kosong with one tea tarik (around RM2.40), this one can last at least 125days………not bad! Isn’t that a bad idea to save money, right? Hehe! For myself, I think I set a limit for myself only spend around RM6 per days, so it would be below 200! Feel curious how much you all willing to spend for food in a month…

Monday, July 25, 2005


My sisters just back Hong Kong trip, they stayed at there for 4 days 3 nights. They spend quite a lot there...Since HK life style very high, 1.5little Mineral Water would cost at least HK6.50(Around RM3 in Malaysia). Petrol price is HK16 (Around RM8), haha............should we feel we are lucky since our petrol price just cost RM1.52 in Malaysia....haha!

Government always said "Our petrol still is the cheapest in Asia" when they want to raise up the price of petrol....Just make your all feel better about it la!

After I calculate about my financial plan...If want to go for a Malaysia trips, at least need to save for half year. If going for oversea like Thailand, then have to save for one year ++. You all might wonder why such a cheap trip needs to take long time for planning and saving.....

For example, if let say in the end of the year, you manage to have an amount of saving, are you going to take part of the saving for trip? or you might start to save another portion of money few months before the trip? Which one would be the better way.....depends you all...Anyway, I think the second way would be better because at least you will have a target and you wont simply spend on anything...right?

If you same like me as fresh graduate, earn a little...and spend a lot. What you spend is more than what you earn...or another way is when near to end of the month, no more money left...right? Why? It is because you don’t know where the money you spend on...!!!

Financial plan is no about how much you earn, but is more to how much you plan for spending. Earning money is a slow process, spending money is a fast process...If you really want to count for how much money do you really need for you to stay alive until 75year's old after you get retire (Estimated 50 years old), every month you spend 3K(Current value), you would need around 4Millions to cover your life(If you plan not to depends on anyone else), believe me or not? It depends on you...

Leave me a comment about what you think about it, TQ!

Warning Sign....a hole...shhh

Look out for the


Friday, July 08, 2005

Last update, 27 Jun....

A long silent here...If wanna to tell all the story from the last update until today, it must be a long boring story...Anyway. Just talk about today.

On the way back from working place, I will have to pass through the road in Taman Tasik Perdana(A torist place which near to Petaling Street, inside this Taman got bird park, deer park, butterfly park, various type of parks are available here). When I was driving the car in that Taman, I saw many monkeys are "blocking" my way...No choice...I have to really slow down my car speed, and let some of the monkeys to across the road first.

Of course I have to do so!! There is a sign board "Monkey has the right to across road". There is around 20monkeys trying to across the road, big one, small one, old one and young one.... Last time i remember I saw a TV show about the monkey life style. Monkey is the type of animal which always be in group and together. Among the community, there will be a monkey be the leader or the "King". You might think what so special to be the "King".

Wow......the "King" got the priority to enjoy the food before other monkeys do so. Anyway, if lets said there is a monkey from another area wanted to join that particular monkey team and the king doesn’t allow, he can still have the chance to fight with the "King". If he able to win the "King", he will be the replacement for the existing "King".

Isn’t that sounds a bit interesting? thing i feel curious is if let said we transfer 2 Malaysia monkey to oversea, are they able to communicate with other country's monkey or not...wonder.... almost hit a car which brake urgently in front of my car...bad....luckily I just service my car's brake last week.....

Monday, June 20, 2005

Monday morning...

Everyday feel lack of sleep...I heard my friend who is also apiitian, his final year project submission due on today. Back to my experience, college life is enjoyable. In another way round it also can be the nightmare. If you ask me do I want to study further in future, I think mostly I won't.

Recently feel no enough time for sleep, no enough time to wash my car....Today didn’t drink any coffee, that's y..... Later I must order one during my lunch hour. A short blog for today. It is because nothing special happen in last few days.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Work for saturday

This week is a busy week...working everyday, even Saturday also have to work for full day. One thing luckily is no traffic jam for Saturday morning. If you reach KL at around 10am, then it will be another story. My colleague said the road full with the cars, and most of the car's driver is youngster, haha! All of them are so lucky; no need to working already can drive the big car. I am still paying the car loan for a second hand proton saga, such a pity, haha!

Working on Saturday, when reach home at night still though it is just a Friday night. All the government department also on leave last night, 1sst and 3rd week Saturday declared as holiday. Then, 1st Saturday was the public holiday. Our smart government just brings toward that public holiday and declares it was another holiday for government employee on yesterday.

I was really felt curious about it, Saturday government departments all closed. Most of our citizen was only free on Saturday or Sunday. As conclusion, only one day which is 25Jun is available for everyone to settle their government issue. So, is that a must for the people to go on leave on working day just to settle one or two government documents?

Let’s give an example, a family who got few kids. Only one man is working in that family. What he going to deal with government is about apply or renew all kind of taxes including road tax, EPF, Sosco. In addition with the registration to apply identity card for all the kids, after apply it have to wait for few more weeks and go there again to collect it. So, totally how many days of holiday he should take just for settle the government legal issue? In addition, there might be also the condition where the person might not free on that particular Saturday, later also he has to settle his personal stuffs like bank accounts (just in case he don’t know about online banking), electricity, water, phone bill….who knows later if he got the “Saman”, then he also has to pick a good time to purposely go police station or Majlis Perbandaraan to settle it.

Recently, there is a new about government consider to make the government employee working for 5 days per week. It is not a good SOLUTION. If do so, how are we going to settle our personal documents? Well, I would said this because you might think “I am not working under government”, no wonder I could say this.

Ok, why not just make it like let’s them working on Saturday and Sunday but….give them other holiday such as other working days. Oh, ya! Their kids have to go school so they won’t have free time go out with their kids. O well, let us gives this question to government. If I am going to help them think about it, there is no necessary for them to exist anymore in this country.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Click here (The picture is removed because of some apperance bugs in blogger...)

This is my desktop screen cap!!!

A new look

A new look give a new refreshment...feel a bit bored, so just change my desktop into a new look by using "Talisman Desktop" and "RKLauncher". Above is the screen capture of my current desktop.RKLauncher give the ability the same apperance of the taskbar as what you can see from Mac OS. Cool Cool.....Although I used to optimize my window performance with disable all the apperance effects....Maybe today just wanna to have a new look....

Who knows one day, when I start to feel the speed of the window is slow, then i might restore it back as how it looks last time....hehe! You might give a try on "Talisman Desktop", it is a bit different than "Windows blind", just use a little resources...arouund 14mb+-, whereas about the RKLauncher, although it just a small task bar, the resources it used can 22mb, hahaha!!!! DUN BOTHER IT as long as it looks cool!!!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunday night

Today is another Sunday...maybe some of you might figure out why I didn’t update my blog recently? Why? Busy...of course! And also got one more issue which is lazy, haha!

Recently didn’t contact with friends, the most things maybe just go online and chit chat with friends to get knows about them. I also wonder this kind of life will be continuing until when? Time passing very fast....really! Especially when you are busy...Not included when you are lazy...because i know you wont feel the time moving fast when you are lazy, haha!

Well....I will try to update the blog as long as when I feel got something to write, hopefully can write it everyday....I try, I will give a try.

I remember Bill Gates said this before "If you don't do it now, it will be late soon". I tried to apply it into my life...It is because i knew it will give me a guidance to do something when i feeling lazy.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Finally we know we are not student anymore..... Jealous to see the students can enjoy their school holiday now, whereby we all have to working everyday. Luckily next week monday holiday, no need go to work! Hurray! So what am I going to do at home next monday? Maybe sleep at home? Or play pc? Or...don’t know le! A lot of things need to settle, have to send the car to service. My car's mileometer not moving at all, I also don't know how fast my car when I am driving. Anyway, I can estimate the car’s speed just by seeing other car. If my car moving almost same as them, then…….it is consider standard speed. If I am faster than all of them, it means I am over speed, haha!

I already watch Star War. Comment? Soso la……just wonder why they still using the Lightsaber(the traditional weapon of the Jedi) instead of Blasters(It is same like the laser which is particle beam weapons, it fire a "bolt" of energy). When I start to do the research on the laser weapons. From one of the web site, it said “In Star Wars, the laser weapons are not really laser weapons at all. These weapons, called blasters, actually shoot excited gas coupled with light, which is focused by prismatic crystals and by passing down the length of the barrel.” Haha! So funny! If you wanted to know more about the weapons in star war, feel free to visit this web site.

I am curious about why the lightsaber is more powerful than the blaster. You can imagine about a samurai using a “Katana” to block all the bullets from the gun, haha!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sleep, Coffee, and Money?

Everyday sleep at around 10:30, wake up at 6:30 morning. How come still feel so sleepy??? really wonder why!!!
8 enough. 7 hours, still ok! 6 hours....although sometimes i did so. And then the following morning will drink a cup of White Coffee (in a 3 in 1 pack, must choose the brand "OLD TOWN"!) Watch out! Own town got several type of FAKE old town, some manufacturer using the similar outlook and sell it in a cheaper price, of course the taste won't be the same la, haha! Nice nice, if you like about coffee, just go to the big supermarket and buy it. Cost around RM11 per big pack.
I was thinking to get a digi camera....look at my wallet, going to cry. No money liao, some more still got one more week until the salary out, haha! Common case, it suited to fresh guaduate! Just kidding! At least must force ourselves to save some money into the bank! Of else no planning for future...continuing be poor. Never mind lo, if no money then drink cofee lo!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Network Down!

Today office internet down, local network down...........Shh.........Also don't know what to do now. So bored! The development must need the use of internet.

After an hour. . .
Still like that, i through it will be recovered after a while since the network never down for such a long time.

2 hours over...
It is already over 2 hours, thinking about the lunch hour la! Don't want to think about the network problem. I really wonder who the person responsible to it is. 2 hours!!!!!!!! Not 2 minutes, if let's said in future every device are connected to internet. No matter what device it is, traffic light, remote control, everything!!!!!!! When the time comes true, if the internet down, traffic light lost control, ambulance cannot reach to the accident place on time. Security break down, the door can be open manually. O....lost in the world! Haha! Really hard to think what the worst thing can happen.

Don't want to imagine about world. There is an imagination about hacking, some peoples used their good imagination, like you only need to take 1 cent out from every bank account, and you can become a millionaire, haha! Last time i trust that story too! After that I realize it is kind like impossible to take out 1 cent from each accounts. Although it just a cent, but it is also too visible unless that transaction doesn't appear in their people’s account! If it doesn't appear there, then......where to money come from?

Why not go to apply for the online banking database administrator? It means jobs done easily. They have the power of display anyone's online username and password, able to make the fake transaction info, and also able to add a number "0" behind the amount. Or shift the position of the "." to the digit behind.

Lunch hour over...
Finally the network is....fine......used the temporarily switch, haih....ok la......back to work!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Laptop got stolen!!!

Laptop, why steal it? Don't worry, not my laptop! Last night my colleague went to 1 Utama. Her laptop was left in the car and she did purposely put the clothes to cover it. After 10minutes back, the car window broken and the laptop gone.

This kind of case always happens when someone leave their laptop in the car. No matter you put in any where in the car, these peoples got the "special device" to detect it. You might think what so special about that kind of device. If I not mistaken, it can as big as a door size, when you bring the laptop pass through it, it will alert! Never the less, it might be a small device which can be as small as the standard Magnifier size (if you enter into government department or police main branch building, police officer will use it to detect whether you bring any weapon or not). Of course it could be any more high-tech or tiny size of device, who knows?

For any laptop owners, never leave your laptop in your car or car boot, it is useless!!! YOUR EYES CANNOT SEE IT doesn’t mean OTHER PEOPLES SEE IT WITH THEIR EYES. No matter you only out for 5 minutes or shorter, always remember bring it together with you. I know it is heavy! So just buy a light one if you feel so! If no money, then better don't buy it. If want to use it, just bring your desktop pc with you. I don't think they got so much time to shift all the heavy hardware from your car! : P

Time time...!Every week going too never able to catcha on it! I didn't feel like wasting my time, some how i really feel "it" never wait for anyone. Everyday working, go home then maybe online a while or do something else......then sleep. Everday repeat the thing again and again, haih....
No to say this is a kind of bored life, maybe need more challenges, haha!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Graduation registration

My working place near to APIIT KL(my college). During my lunch hour, i went to 4th floor. As usual, all visitors who want to enter into the building have to sign a visitor book. Although the security guys didn’t block me at all, as you all know "I am always follow the rule :p", so I immediately write down my detail on that visitor book before they asked me to do so. After that, go to the 4th floors and immediately can see the sign board "Graduation register please follow this way => ", enter the room pay the moneys. They required me to fill up a paper form, not much questions. But.............the questions such as What is my strong subject? Hahaha, sorry......i really forgotten all the subject names. Unless only the unforgotten painful BUSINESS subjects such as Business Process Reengineering, Strategic Information Planning, all still in my mind. In addition, i still remember another two subjects such as Business Communication and Business Organization which i learned during my diploma level. The rest all gone..........I means I have permanently deleted them from my memory. Good thing hard to remember, only bad thing always keep in mind. Don't you don't agree with me? Just think about it!

After I got the grown, that administrator asked me to fill up some form. I tot it just took a while, when I look at it, Form A - E.........When I looks at the questions.......first and second form is like give feedback about apiit facilities and services. Third one I forgotten what is that, another two forms........haha! I wonder what can i talk about it, it really asking some stupid questions. For example, one of the question Do you working now? If yes please skip to question ..., so i just follow the instruction and skipped these questions. When I press on submit button, it popup the message "Fill in the reason of why do you not working", I am feel like so dummy.......WHO DESIGNED THIS FORM!!!!!

And the last part is another interesting question. But......the answer written in BAHASA MALAYSIA. Question in English, and answer in Malay....some more these long list of answer doesn’t fitted to my need!!!!!!! Sure copy and paste from some where before thinking of whether it really fit to our computing student or not!

I asked another administrator why is it so, he told me yesterday got another student also asked the same question, but the designer of this form is from TPM apiit student. I was comment!

Thursday, May 12, 2005


A day followed by another day....Time never waiting for anyone. I really didnt realize about the time and the day, I am feeling last friday just over a while ago, and now.......tomorrow is another friday. Everyone who is working now always waiting for the friday, since it is the time for rest, fun, enjoy, or being lazy to stay at home, haha!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm Lovin' it

I'm Lovin' it................What a powerful word! less than 10 characters give peoples an impression about the "M". I wonder how much money McDonald spend on promoting that slogan. It is kind like a "drug", no matter how old are you, big, small, tall, short,handsome or not, once you tried it, it will never escape from it. McDonald.......Today I tried the new food "Grilled Chicken Foldover". 2 pieces of chicken meats fold by a flatbread. Wanna know how it looks like? You can click on this link.

Well, don't get it wrong. I am not here to promote how good is McDonald. I just wanted to tell, it looks nice in photo (Thanks to the proffesional photography artificial great work), but it doesn't always disappointed our imagination. Not about the size, but is about the taste. Do you still remember about KFC OR Filet Burger? It looks Big in photo, but the actual size is quarter of the photo size..................

What you see is what you get? Never be the true....Something is behind the rock!

Monday, May 09, 2005

"Special" CD

I am listening to a "special" cd which i just bought last 2 days in a night market. It sounds so special?Haha, you better don't think so!actually it is a P*R*T*D (7 characters) cd, it costs me RM4. I think you all should able to know what kind of "special" cd i means now. Why am I voice it up? Frankly, it is the first cd i bought from night market. A local chinese singer which I not able to search that song in internet, maybe local singer not so famous yet since no one share the album out.

As we all know, the qualification for a local singer to enter the "special" cd rank, it is not easy. At least they must "famous", maybe in the way like advertising in radio, newspaper....Some peoples might now ANTI me now.......they feel I should support local singer, or else who will support them? This is a good question, this is a first time for me, and it could also be my last time, haha........well...well.......i will rethink about this question, don't worry about I don't support Malaysia Boleh (Made in Malaysia)!

Mother's day

Mother's day....We went to a relative house, everyone gather together and celebrate it. Special day is a day use for a special purpose. Peoples nowaday start to forget about the "Truth of life" especially relationship among the people. Everyone chasing about money, working........and working........Enjoy lifestyle also is another issue. The distance between rich and poor has a big GAP. I am working as a programmer now, one thing i found out is...."I almost believe on everything what other peoples told me, after that they will told me just kidding, don't believe it".......Shhhh.................I feel kind like a Dummy feel......In my family, I really didnt tought to act to be "smart think". Maybe i am simple minded, that's why never suspect on what peoples told me since i feel they will not cheat in front us since we are also "real" to them...

As conclusion, life is not easy...

Saturday, May 07, 2005

First Blog

Blog? like a diary.....but is not private anymore, publish here to let's other peoples to reveal your P & C life, is not Pua Chu Kang's life!!!It is private and confidential life.....Maybe will not online everyday, but when free will update here a bit....for someone who easily to get forgetten about something, is better to have a record Black and white.

Why to post it here? Few reasons to answer this question:
1) I always online quite frequently(you might not see me when i go online)
2) I am an IT student, so have to make use of IT although i still write letters and post it through trusted postman (they might not arrive to the destination quite frequently, not believe? ask your "OLD traditional thinking" friends ).
3) Whoever wanna get to know about me can always check through this site
4) Because............everyone got blogs now............i am almost outdated liao .......long time didnt play any game, didnt watch astro, didnt watch tv..........and also didnt read newspaper liao laaaaaa......poor me
5) When feel bored, at least can spend some free time here and write about somethings.....
6) Many more other reasons...........................think it yourself, if still didnt get it, then just ask me about it

That's all for today....if write too long for the first blog, it would be a bit too sien la! 88!