Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A new look

A new look give a new refreshment...feel a bit bored, so just change my desktop into a new look by using "Talisman Desktop" and "RKLauncher". Above is the screen capture of my current desktop.RKLauncher give the ability the same apperance of the taskbar as what you can see from Mac OS. Cool Cool.....Although I used to optimize my window performance with disable all the apperance effects....Maybe today just wanna to have a new look....

Who knows one day, when I start to feel the speed of the window is slow, then i might restore it back as how it looks last time....hehe! You might give a try on "Talisman Desktop", it is a bit different than "Windows blind", just use a little resources...arouund 14mb+-, whereas about the RKLauncher, although it just a small task bar, the resources it used can 22mb, hahaha!!!! DUN BOTHER IT as long as it looks cool!!!

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