Friday, December 02, 2005

Wanna get a PS2....almost kena CON

Last few days ago, i went to a shop which is near to my working place, ask for the price for a modified PS2? RM650

Today i went to ask that shop about the price:
Me: What's the price for the modified PS2?
Shopkeeper: RM650 full modified with 2 controller.

Me: (So cheap, direct ask the REAL question)If wanna to play DVD9 cd, then wat's te price to add on to change the modchip?

Shopkeeper:That one the modchip have to modify......will be RM750, but i can give you the price at RM730

Me: what modchip you all using?

Shopkeeper: Messiah, very good modchip, not like the RM650 which can only play certain game.

Me: Messiah? I though it is just only available for the FAT version of PS2? isnt that slim should use NH-9?

Shopkeeper: Not la, now the Messiah is more powerful....last time cannot, now can liao.

Me: (You tak atau tak tau? I not sure la...i am not expert in PS2)then is it that package both also pirated controller?

Shopkeeper: No, it is just only one original controller, if want to get another one, then...RM750

Me: (i wanna to ask whether is it original or not, it should come with the PS2 package)how about the memory card?

Shopkeeper: memory card ar...that one is cost RM65, then add on will be RM815.

The shopkeeper see me got no response, then said

Shopkeeper: ok la, RM800,i only earn you a little only..........

I still got no response.....

Shpkeeper: you better come faster, next week the SCH-70002 will come out, the price wil be extra expensive 10-20 bucks. In addition, this new version is not available to modify yet...have to wait longer for newer modchip

Me: erm...isnt that last number behind the model is represent regional?

Shopkeeper: ....Ya, they got divide into europe and asian regional, we are taking the asian regional.

Me: ok time only i come to take a look, out of my budget, cannot buy now la.

Shopkeeper: ok faster come on this week before the stor finish, all the price can be negotiate...confirm below 900 can settle...
Me: ok....thank you.

So, what's my conclusion? buy from other place instead of this place la.....
RM800 for a 2 original controller, fully modified modchip (can play DVD 9),
with a original price is the standard price...if get cheaper than that RM100++, sure somethings wrong..........haha!

Sony specilist shop selling it as RM799 without any modified and just only a controller and a memory. It is not really that other source can get A LOT cheaper than them...if yes, Ada Udang Di Sebelah Batu..


Jyrenze said...

Haha all their marketting tactics, reminds me of the people that were selling the wax hand in genting. At first say rm 10, then add this and that become rm 30 already.

Eng said...

we should always do one thing...
get the know the market price before we want to buy anything.

Steffi the Numbnut said...

Yeah, otherwise, sudah beli already, then somewhere else sell cheaper for the same thing, can bang head.

Philip said...

HUH??? I though moded PS2 only cost less than RM650 one. Why u got it for so expensive one???

Original PS2 from Sony shop of coz expensive la, coz the jack up price to make more profit mah. Like hp also same, y other shop so cheap n sony ericsson so expensive.

Haih, simple concept

BillyTong said...

RM650 are those sungai wang brand with might use refubbish version of eletronic parts. So don't buy from sungai wang. :D

hey YSlim i am thinking to get one also just to pass my boring long holiday in the coming CNY. may be from reputated DjiN from forum, since his shop is at 1 utama if I am not mistaken.

Jyrenze said...

Haha Philip, their so called less than rm 650 modden Ps2 either dont have memory card or both controllers also pirated or something la. Sometimes its not even fully modded. Half modded only

YSLim said...

yalo...can get it from Low Yat forum djinn, he has a shop in 1Utama there lo...