Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Google Earth

Do you have a dream of imagine you can travel around the world? It needs money? Of course it is, but there is one alternative way you can do it without money. Google introduce new Satellite software (“Not real time!!!!”) to allow you to search any place from your desktop. You might zoom into the level until you able to identify the small object as like Car, Bus... Well......don’t getting too excite first, because it depends on what location you are looking for.

Let’s said for famous place like Japan, Singapore.......No problem.....you can zoom into that deepest level. If you just like me who staying in Malaysia, then too bad! You only allowed zooming into the "State" zoom. Which mean it is not in "Detail and high" resolution; anyway.......it is still nice to see the scenery from top view.

Here are some examples of the screen shots:

This is the most Top view - An earth (of course it is just one la!!)

Malaysia Map

Malaysia Map- Zoom in further

Malaysia Map - Zoom in more further (Note:Cannot go into more deep)

The bridge that connect between Malaysia and Singapore

The most deep level it can goes...Into Singapore (This zoom level not available for malaysia yet!)

Where to download it? http://earth.google.com
If you wanna get a pro version, you might get it from me if you see me online and when I am in free, haha!

Monday, August 08, 2005


Until today….i realized many of us spend a lot in foods! One of the way to save money is everyday eat in mamak, bring the water yourself, dun order any drinks, haha!

But…the question is how many days can you having the same types of foods? Sure we will wanna to try something which is nice, and cheap, right? Most of the nice foods come with expensive price, such as Sushi King, Secret Recipe, Pizza Hut, Shakey Pizza, Bread Story, Starbuck, Coffeebean…(coffee, nice taste), Kenny Roger….wow…a lot!

If we count it in math, let said in a month we spend 300 in foods, the division is like:

35 times in KFC or Mc Donald or
25 times in Shakey Pizza Express Lunch Set or
25 cups of Coffeebeans or
20 times in Pizza Huts or
16 times spend in Secret Recipe or
15 times in Sushi King

Therefore, if we only eat once per day, just imagine you can enjoy KFC or Mc Donald everydays, switch among it in one or two days, haha! Anyway, if want a cheap price for food, just go for 2 roti canai kosong with one tea tarik (around RM2.40), this one can last at least 125days………not bad! Isn’t that a bad idea to save money, right? Hehe! For myself, I think I set a limit for myself only spend around RM6 per days, so it would be below 200! Feel curious how much you all willing to spend for food in a month…