Monday, July 25, 2005


My sisters just back Hong Kong trip, they stayed at there for 4 days 3 nights. They spend quite a lot there...Since HK life style very high, 1.5little Mineral Water would cost at least HK6.50(Around RM3 in Malaysia). Petrol price is HK16 (Around RM8), haha............should we feel we are lucky since our petrol price just cost RM1.52 in Malaysia....haha!

Government always said "Our petrol still is the cheapest in Asia" when they want to raise up the price of petrol....Just make your all feel better about it la!

After I calculate about my financial plan...If want to go for a Malaysia trips, at least need to save for half year. If going for oversea like Thailand, then have to save for one year ++. You all might wonder why such a cheap trip needs to take long time for planning and saving.....

For example, if let say in the end of the year, you manage to have an amount of saving, are you going to take part of the saving for trip? or you might start to save another portion of money few months before the trip? Which one would be the better way.....depends you all...Anyway, I think the second way would be better because at least you will have a target and you wont simply spend on anything...right?

If you same like me as fresh graduate, earn a little...and spend a lot. What you spend is more than what you earn...or another way is when near to end of the month, no more money left...right? Why? It is because you don’t know where the money you spend on...!!!

Financial plan is no about how much you earn, but is more to how much you plan for spending. Earning money is a slow process, spending money is a fast process...If you really want to count for how much money do you really need for you to stay alive until 75year's old after you get retire (Estimated 50 years old), every month you spend 3K(Current value), you would need around 4Millions to cover your life(If you plan not to depends on anyone else), believe me or not? It depends on you...

Leave me a comment about what you think about it, TQ!

Warning Sign....a hole...shhh

Look out for the


Friday, July 08, 2005

Last update, 27 Jun....

A long silent here...If wanna to tell all the story from the last update until today, it must be a long boring story...Anyway. Just talk about today.

On the way back from working place, I will have to pass through the road in Taman Tasik Perdana(A torist place which near to Petaling Street, inside this Taman got bird park, deer park, butterfly park, various type of parks are available here). When I was driving the car in that Taman, I saw many monkeys are "blocking" my way...No choice...I have to really slow down my car speed, and let some of the monkeys to across the road first.

Of course I have to do so!! There is a sign board "Monkey has the right to across road". There is around 20monkeys trying to across the road, big one, small one, old one and young one.... Last time i remember I saw a TV show about the monkey life style. Monkey is the type of animal which always be in group and together. Among the community, there will be a monkey be the leader or the "King". You might think what so special to be the "King".

Wow......the "King" got the priority to enjoy the food before other monkeys do so. Anyway, if lets said there is a monkey from another area wanted to join that particular monkey team and the king doesn’t allow, he can still have the chance to fight with the "King". If he able to win the "King", he will be the replacement for the existing "King".

Isn’t that sounds a bit interesting? thing i feel curious is if let said we transfer 2 Malaysia monkey to oversea, are they able to communicate with other country's monkey or not...wonder.... almost hit a car which brake urgently in front of my car...bad....luckily I just service my car's brake last week.....