Thursday, May 19, 2005

Laptop got stolen!!!

Laptop, why steal it? Don't worry, not my laptop! Last night my colleague went to 1 Utama. Her laptop was left in the car and she did purposely put the clothes to cover it. After 10minutes back, the car window broken and the laptop gone.

This kind of case always happens when someone leave their laptop in the car. No matter you put in any where in the car, these peoples got the "special device" to detect it. You might think what so special about that kind of device. If I not mistaken, it can as big as a door size, when you bring the laptop pass through it, it will alert! Never the less, it might be a small device which can be as small as the standard Magnifier size (if you enter into government department or police main branch building, police officer will use it to detect whether you bring any weapon or not). Of course it could be any more high-tech or tiny size of device, who knows?

For any laptop owners, never leave your laptop in your car or car boot, it is useless!!! YOUR EYES CANNOT SEE IT doesn’t mean OTHER PEOPLES SEE IT WITH THEIR EYES. No matter you only out for 5 minutes or shorter, always remember bring it together with you. I know it is heavy! So just buy a light one if you feel so! If no money, then better don't buy it. If want to use it, just bring your desktop pc with you. I don't think they got so much time to shift all the heavy hardware from your car! : P

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