Friday, December 02, 2005

Wanna get a PS2....almost kena CON

Last few days ago, i went to a shop which is near to my working place, ask for the price for a modified PS2? RM650

Today i went to ask that shop about the price:
Me: What's the price for the modified PS2?
Shopkeeper: RM650 full modified with 2 controller.

Me: (So cheap, direct ask the REAL question)If wanna to play DVD9 cd, then wat's te price to add on to change the modchip?

Shopkeeper:That one the modchip have to modify......will be RM750, but i can give you the price at RM730

Me: what modchip you all using?

Shopkeeper: Messiah, very good modchip, not like the RM650 which can only play certain game.

Me: Messiah? I though it is just only available for the FAT version of PS2? isnt that slim should use NH-9?

Shopkeeper: Not la, now the Messiah is more powerful....last time cannot, now can liao.

Me: (You tak atau tak tau? I not sure la...i am not expert in PS2)then is it that package both also pirated controller?

Shopkeeper: No, it is just only one original controller, if want to get another one, then...RM750

Me: (i wanna to ask whether is it original or not, it should come with the PS2 package)how about the memory card?

Shopkeeper: memory card ar...that one is cost RM65, then add on will be RM815.

The shopkeeper see me got no response, then said

Shopkeeper: ok la, RM800,i only earn you a little only..........

I still got no response.....

Shpkeeper: you better come faster, next week the SCH-70002 will come out, the price wil be extra expensive 10-20 bucks. In addition, this new version is not available to modify yet...have to wait longer for newer modchip

Me: erm...isnt that last number behind the model is represent regional?

Shopkeeper: ....Ya, they got divide into europe and asian regional, we are taking the asian regional.

Me: ok time only i come to take a look, out of my budget, cannot buy now la.

Shopkeeper: ok faster come on this week before the stor finish, all the price can be negotiate...confirm below 900 can settle...
Me: ok....thank you.

So, what's my conclusion? buy from other place instead of this place la.....
RM800 for a 2 original controller, fully modified modchip (can play DVD 9),
with a original price is the standard price...if get cheaper than that RM100++, sure somethings wrong..........haha!

Sony specilist shop selling it as RM799 without any modified and just only a controller and a memory. It is not really that other source can get A LOT cheaper than them...if yes, Ada Udang Di Sebelah Batu..