Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Network Down!

Today office internet down, local network down...........Shh.........Also don't know what to do now. So bored! The development must need the use of internet.

After an hour. . .
Still like that, i through it will be recovered after a while since the network never down for such a long time.

2 hours over...
It is already over 2 hours, thinking about the lunch hour la! Don't want to think about the network problem. I really wonder who the person responsible to it is. 2 hours!!!!!!!! Not 2 minutes, if let's said in future every device are connected to internet. No matter what device it is, traffic light, remote control, everything!!!!!!! When the time comes true, if the internet down, traffic light lost control, ambulance cannot reach to the accident place on time. Security break down, the door can be open manually. O....lost in the world! Haha! Really hard to think what the worst thing can happen.

Don't want to imagine about world. There is an imagination about hacking, some peoples used their good imagination, like you only need to take 1 cent out from every bank account, and you can become a millionaire, haha! Last time i trust that story too! After that I realize it is kind like impossible to take out 1 cent from each accounts. Although it just a cent, but it is also too visible unless that transaction doesn't appear in their people’s account! If it doesn't appear there, then......where to money come from?

Why not go to apply for the online banking database administrator? It means jobs done easily. They have the power of display anyone's online username and password, able to make the fake transaction info, and also able to add a number "0" behind the amount. Or shift the position of the "." to the digit behind.

Lunch hour over...
Finally the network is....fine......used the temporarily switch, haih....ok la......back to work!

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