Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Something change your mindset before you decided to buy something???

Did anyone of you experienced of this scenario?

When you walk into the shopping mall to check out a LCD price, you found out another LCD beside it has a higher resolution than another, but you can't tell the difference in term of the quality. The higher quality costs an extra RM50, and it doesn't come in the color you want. Still, most people will go for the second one.

Due to the product specification, it can always change your mind. More people trust into the number rather their's own experiences. Most of the time, these extra features come which extra cost, while we don't use it, in the end we still choose the one with extra features because we thought we might need it "sometime"? or just having the thought of the one we bought has better resolution, higher megapixel...

Just as an example, last week i bought a GPS device "Nuvi 205". The seller try to convince me to get the "special edition Nuvi 205" which come the same features with the original one, the different is just the casing color & another extra power adapter by paying another 10% extra. Or else i only able charge the Nuvi device in the car with car adapter but not in the house.

I was tempted to get that "special edition Nuvi"...In the end, i decided to buy that original Nuvi 205 but not the special edition. Reason why? My thought telling me, I will only use that device most of the time inside the car, but not inside the house, then why should i pay extra 10% just to get something which is not really necessary to me?

When I reach home and play around with that toy, i realized i could charge it with USB cable too! (Obviously you need to have that USB cable, it doesn't come with that package)...So my decision was right! :P

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Programmer's Life?

Below the movie is reflecting what is actually facing by most of the programmer.....

Many of us, when saw someone holding an iphone on left hand, right hand holding the laptop.....does he looks cool? I doubted...

When new technology or programming language introduced, you have to spend lot of time to learn it when your boss asked you to do so..."he is the one pay you money"

Before you able to picked out the existing programming languages, here come another new version which totally different from existing version. "You might have to work double jobs"

When someone leave and you need to picked out to maintain the code he leftover, here come the disaster when you have no idea what's it about..."poor documentation"

When boss given you a mission impossible submission date, you need to work Over Time, else you are not committed yourself to the company..."most IT company dont pay you OT"

Even though you able to complete that development within the given timeframe, it might very buggy and end up your output have no quality..."given time too short, only enough for development but not testing"

Then, you need to spend more time on fixing it..."boss will ask: what took you so long to fix it? Did you done any testing before deliver that program?"

If the program is buggy, your customer won't happy..."customer complaining to boss"

When boss not happy, we also won’t happy..."because boss will scold us"

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Effort from Tmnet to prevent PHISHING???

Back to my post of Mayback2u PHISHING post on 27 Oct, this morning i received another email

Dear Valued Maybank Customer,

During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and security verification procedures, we have detected an error in your account details and security profile. This might be due to either of the following reasons:

A recent change in your personal information.
Submitting invalid information during the initial security update process.

Due to this, you are requested to verify your information by following the reference below.

Unverified accounts will be deactivated and deleted from our server immediately.


Maybank Berhad

The content is almost identical with the previous mail, if u try to access, you will see "The page cannot be displayed"

Indeed, if you use the Proxy server to surf, that PHISHING page is still there,

this FAKE maybank have exactly LOOK & FEEL of the real Maybank site...


Anyway, now come the question, why we cant access to that URL?
I guessed TMNET done a good job this time by blocking our internet to accessing to it...
How do i know TMNET done a good job? Let us do a simple ping command to www.2database-servers.comResult returned: Request timed out.

In order to know where the packet lost, we need to use tracert command

Like you see, the packets lost in ip, just do a query search,
is easy to know it is belonged to TMNET IP Adminstration

Meaning Malaysian who using Tmnet wont be able to access? while others ISP might still allowed? who knows....
If you are using other ISP other than Tmnet, you can try to access,
or following the steps above, maybe you might get a different result and feel free to drop me a comment...

Friday, October 31, 2008

LEGO never die.... (changed spelling error from logo to lego 02 dec)

Images copyrighted from

Monday, October 27, 2008

ERROR NOTICE - Account Problem

Today i received an email from "MAYBANK(". ERROR NOTICE - Account Problem...

The detail as below:

Dear Valued Customers,

We hereby inform our customers that we have successfully put an immediate stop to the entire security problem on our Maybank2u online servers by introducing a Secured Database MX-225.

We are automatically registering our customers to the secured server for added security and for a convenience and faster online banking experience.

This server relocation is mandatory to all customers and unregistered accounts will be deactivated on our server.

Proceed Here.


Maybank Group

"I started to feel panicking......must login immediately to change my account password,
else later someone might hack my account..." if you thought so.......meaning you are in the hook now!

For someone who knew little IT knowledge. , you might feel........WOW....What a great Maybank,
introducing added security with a Advanced Secured Database MX-225. If you believe so,
once you login with your username and password,
all your money in your account will immediately transfer to an "unknown account",
and left the "ZEROooooooooo0" in your account...

This we known as PHISHING...

Hold on...let me try to open the page and see how the interface look like....

O great....this is what we call when the "FIREFOX" meet the "PHISHING site". Firefox notified and said this is a Reported Web Forgery! Meaning if you are clever enough, you should stop here....Let see what will i get to click on "Ignore this warning" and insist to move on...

Well, Firefox still wanna to be clever and inform u this is a "REPORTED WEB FORGERY" in red colour to tell the stupid idoit like me...

Anyway, too bad....the page is gone...meaning it dont existed anymore...and i couldnt access that page to check my account balance...BAKA!! Never think of that!

If you are my loyal reader, i think you are aware of my previous article "RHB BANK ONLINE BANKING PHISHING" last year...

They will give you an exact same interface of login screen and you thought it was real. And then you might asked, why the page doesnt exist anymore...BECAUSE when a liar wanna to cheat you, will him/her will stand at the same point and wait for you to come? Obviously not, they will FISHING....and wait the fish come....when no fish....they will move on to another pond...

Updated 06-Nov:
This is another copy of email i received today

Dear Valued Maybank Customer,

During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and security verification procedures, we have detected an error in your account details and security profile. This might be due to either of the following reasons:

A recent change in your personal information.
Submitting invalid information during the initial security update process.

Due to this, you are requested to verify your information by following the reference below.

Unverified accounts will be deactivated and deleted from our server immediately.


Maybank Berhad

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

21 Oct 2008 - Global Anti-Piracy Day

21 Oct 2008, Microsoft have declared it as Global Anti-Piracy Day...

When majority people using Microsoft, whatever Microsoft said is a "global standard".

At the same time, one of the biggest BitTorrent tracker side PirateBay also celebrating it with this

No doubt, i definitely supporting Microsoft, bcoz Bill Gates made me "BLOG" it... :P

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Touch n GO is a big conned? Touch n GO cheated malaysian?

Some update for my previous post "Touch n Go 10 years Life span"

My friend just informed me that you need to pay "RM10" to change your expired touch and go card.

While you tell them, "I don't want to use your service anymore", you decided to returned back the card to them, they will refund you the balance but not the deposit of RM25, i dunno why they create such a RULE. When you purchase, they said RM25 is deposit, and they are not telling us RM25 is not refundable.

You cant get back your DEPOSIT, while you still forced to pay RM10 to change your touch n go card while your card condition is still LOOK GOOD!

First of all, who is the one set called "EXPIRED DATE" on that prepaid card? It is just the matter of how it programed

Second, What is the purpose of putting the "EXPIRED DATE" on that card? security? or just because wanna reward us as 10 years loyalty customer?

Thirdly, If it is as a reward to give us a brand new card which new "look" of card, then why is it we need to pay the RM10 bucks?

Touch n Go will definitely charge the toll by providing the "TOUCH and then GO" service to customer, at the same time, customer buying their card and put in the money?

No money no talk, it is not like credit card, used first and pay later. Even people providing such used first and pay later, they don't charge us of renewing the card! People give a variety of choice of standard card? mini card? gold card? platinum card?

In the end you just take the touch n go card and show to others, "You See! I got the brand new CARD on my hand".

Just like you bought a LCD, I will tell you your LCD wont work after 5 years, because inside we got a timeframe of 5 years programming trick, but we providing the best service by changing that clip for you and stick a new sticker on your LCD so that you can proudly to tell other your LCD having a brand new clip which can last another 5 more years...

There is around 3 million cardholders, first time of RM25 deposit, they already collected 75millions, now every 10 years, they will getting another 30millions! The money we prepaid into their account, they can use the money to do their investment......

They are the monopoly player, do we reserve a right and say NO? Is this fair?

Mac Vs PC

Some of you have come across with "Mac VS PC" clips.
"Mac VS PC" clips created by MAC to show the different between "MAC and PC".

I was wondering...why the "PC" silent without say a word?
Is it meaning whatever said in "Mac VS PC" clips are truth?

Finally, now come the time where Microsoft fight back Apple's geeky stereotype of a pc user.

The video introduced to the world by telling "I'm a PC".
Bill Gates also features in the ad declaring: "I'm a PC and I wear glasses."

If you want to participate in this campaign, you can go to

then upload your video or picture and show the world "I'm a PC",
Indeed I m using pc to write this post while using apple accessories.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

BOMOMO - an interesting drawing pad

BOMOMO - a simple drawing pad with few "ball"s....

Quite interesting, try it out here

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


allow you to use the font to create the picture....
quite simple to use, drag and drop....use your mouse scroll to resize the character..

Below is the picture i created.

Once you submitted, it will produce you a URL to share to others..

You can visit mine's work "DREAM"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lively - New Product from Google

Lively, A product from Google which similar to Second Life. Or you can treat it like the Web Based version of "The Sims".

Allow you to customize your avatar, your room...
You can freely decorate the room with furniture...( with some free furniture they provided, you can also purchase other furniture or avatar if you wan)

Other than that, it provided the email service and friend list so that you can invite your friend into your
Lively Room.....

I am impressive with their 3D avatar, just that it is not useful for me, because i couldn't think of anything other than create the avatar and the room....

You also can visit to my room

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What is Glubble?

It is a add-on for Mozilla to designed a browser for kid's use. The file size is just around 1MB, it will request you to register your account and also your kid's name after the installation...

This is a simple interface your kid will see on the monitor. One pop-up fullscreen that covered up whole window screen, you wont see the taskbar (unless you press "window logo" key). Glubble allows you to monitor webpage you kid wanna to visit....And the keyword they wanna to search.

Let's see i what result i got by key in "" in the address bar

It prompt to ask the permission of my father ( i am the "Uncle Lim", i am not that old yet) and also the reason why...

Let say i log with "Uncle Lim", and my kid called "Smuffie" (Actually is my pet's name), she request for the permission. I can press Deny or Ignore.

Switch back to the Smuffie's interface and try to search the keyword "rapidshare" in google (My kid is smart enough to know what is google about), let seee.....

The result got totally altered....i got nothing! How about i love disney cartoon very much, try to search with Disney

Well, this is not the result i wanna to get! And why should i ask my dad about "disney"?

As conclusion....

What should be improve?
- google result altered to protect kid's, but the result is less accuracy of what kid really looking for, they couldnt even use search "wikipedia" in google....i not sure should what filter level should it be...
- since google result is totally altered....why not just come out a place where the kid can type in something like "Ask the Dr Owl", what they ask....they they hope to get the result...
- Google imaging search in Glubber crashed the Mozilla browser twice and not managed to try it
- It would be good if it come with a "Loading bar" or some "loading" indicator rather depends on the small tiny vista loading cursor... is still a good try....

If you looking for something free browser to protect your kid to reveal to the Evilness of Internet....go to Glubble and download it..

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Save the developers....

I saw a post in SAVETHEDEVELOPERS which advise user to abandon IE6, say "NO" to IE 6,

because it can save our (Web developer) life....thank you thank you...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Touch n Go 10 years Life span

Today i received an email from my friend. The content as below:

Please be informed that each Touch n Go card has a life span of 10 years
from the issuance date. In your case, the card was bought in September 1998 and
will expire soon. To avoid untoward incident, we advise you to replace the card
at any Touch n Go Sales and Reload Counters before August 2008 and it is free
of charge. Please bring the card to the following counters :

1) PLUS EXPRESSWAY · Kedah : Alor Setar (U), Sg Petani (S) · P.Pinang :
Jawi, Juru, Sg Dua, Penang Bridge Sdn. Bhd. · Perak : Bidor, Bkt Tambun (S),
Ipoh (S), Jelapang, Taiping (U) · Selangor : Kajang, OBR Sg Buloh, Batu Tiga, Sg
Besi, Sg Rasau, Subang, USJ, Seafield, KLIA · Kuala Lumpur :Damansara, Jln Duta,
Kota Damansara · N.Sembilan : Bdr Baru Nilai, Senawang · Melaka : Ayer Keroh,
OBR Ayer Keroh · Johor : Ayer Hitam, Kempas, Skudai, Yong Peng (U), Lima Kedai,
Tmn Perling, Tg Kupang 7.30 am to 7.30 pm , Mondays to Sundays (including Public

2) RSSB POS : Head Office - Faber Towers Taman Desa KL 8.30 am to 5.00 pm
Mondays to Fridays 8.30 am to 1.00 pm Saturdays

3) KL SENTRAL HUB : 10.00 am to 8.00 pm Mondays to Fridays, 10.00 am to
3.00 pm Saturdays. We hope we have addressed your concern adequately and thank
you for you support.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Touch n Go
Careline Centre at 03-7628 5115 (7.30am to 7.30pm : Monday to Sunday). We will
be glad to assist you.


I have a doubt about it, i sent an email to enquiry whether the touch n go 's card only has 10years life span. Their Customer Service response my email within an hour, which is considered very FAST response! THUMB UP! Malaysia's company should learned about this.

Touch n Go representative confirmed the info above is real. Regardless which date you purchase the Touch n Go, it will expired in the next 10 years. When the time come, you need to go to their authorized branch to get a replace card FOC.

Anyway, based on their statistic

No. of Touch n Go users: Around 3 million cardholders
No. of MyKad holders with Touch n Go facility: Around 1 million cardholders

If said 300k(just 3 millions/10 years) growth of user increase every year, soon or later the limitation of "10 years LIFE SPAN" would be a great problem in coming future that their touch n go card cannot pass through the toll machine and caused the long queue behind. Definetely not all users will cautions about this info, neither they know about when their card going to expired or when they bought the card.

I not sure about how their mechanism works, but i would suggest that
  1. Take out the control of the 10years life span, i believe they can change their system. Make it never expired. Why they should make it expired and isnt it will be added more cost of making the same card, unless the card they will added in new features! Just like our mobile phone simcard from 32k upgrade to 64k for better storage.
  2. If the 10years life span is a must, then at least print out the expired date on the Touch n Go card itself. Just like what Credit Card and all other member cards.....
  3. Post that notice ad to the all the major newspaper about this issue
  4. Create a web page which allow people to check their expired date by key in the serial number, so that the user no need purposely call and ask to check the expired date one by one, this will caused more troublesome jobs to Customer Service.
  5. At least post this info to, no one would know if no one tell. Who will know the card they holding and paying for got expired date.
  6. Etc...etc...i believe they can think of other better ideas of what i thought of.

If any of you bought the card long time ago....please remember to contact their customer service through email or phone number to check your touch n go expired date.

Touch n Go Customer Support Email Address: