Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RSS feed for Malaysia's newspapers (Sin Chew Jit Poh, China Press, Oriented Daily, Guang Hua, The Star)

2 years back, i have posted a post about How to make use of RSS Feed.

Sometime, I find it difficult to get the RSS link for the newspaper in their official site,
therefore I decided to create a summarize for some of the rss feed i have created and also collected:

星洲日报 Sin Chew Jit Poh

Non Official Local News :

Non Official International News :

Non Official Supplement Article :

中国报 China Press
Non-Official RSS : (Customized XML by me, update interval time: Every 6 hours)
For some reason, i not able to split it into international news and local news..

东方日报 Oriental Daily 

Non-Official RSS : (Customized XML by me, update interval time: Every 6 hours)

独立新闻在线 Merdeka Review
Official RSS :

光华日报 Kwong Wah
Official RSS :
The Star (Most comprehensive RSS supported )

Business :
Sports :
Technology : href="
World Updates : href="
Columnists :
Opinion :

Lifestyle - Bookshelf :
Lifestyle - Parenting :
Lifestyle - Living :
Lifestyle - Focus :
Lifestyle - Health :
Lifestyle - Arts and Fashion :
Lifestyle - Travel and Adventure :

Entertainment - Video :
Entertainment - Sound and Stage :
Entertainment - Music :
Entertainment - Movies :

Entertainment - TV and Radio :
Metro - Central :
Metro - North :
Metro - South and East :
Most Viewed - Nation :
Most Viewed - Business :
Most Viewed - Sports :
Most Viewed - Entertainment :
440Hz :
440Hz - Reviews :
440Hz - Features :
AudioFile :
AudioFile - Reviews :
AudioFile - Features :

Note: If the rss feed that customized by me is not working anymore, feel free to leave your comment here and i will try to fix it. This might happen if the design of the webpage has changed from time to time.


18-March-2009 : Add "Non-Official RSS Supplement Article" Requested by JChan 18-03-2009
18-March-2009: Add "Official RSS links from Sin Chew, removed unofficial Sin Chew rss's url, thanks to SinX information"
01-Nov-2011 : Removed the official sinchew rss url because SinChew no longer support it
25-October 2015: Updated Kwong Wah's rss link. I personally do not maintain this page anymore, any request you can post in the comment section, no guarantee will get the updated link.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What is the future of Microsoft vision towards techonlogy?

MS Office Labs 2019 Vision Montage

Few months back, i saw a video published by Microsoft..."Microsoft Surface"

Yeah, it is not as simple as what it shows on the video itself, multitouch and the screen and rotate it with hands is possible now, just that "capture the info by placing the physical object on the surface definitely not easy because it required a common communication layer, probably a chipset? or through some kind of handshake protocol such like bluetooth, wireless?" And what they currently got it in hand as below..."Bill Gates unveils the Microsoft SURFACE"

The future...I believe it is just the matter of time!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Can you predict stock market Bursa Malaysia? Chartnexus?

Recently, i received few mails from the Chartnexus (A company that created a tool "Chartnexus" which allowed you to analyse the stock market)". The email always claimed they able to analyse and predict which stock allowed you to gain good profits in the shortest time. It is a misleading message.

If you are the stock advisor, you should teach people to "investment" rather than "speculation". Most people feel, regardless it is a good stock or bad stock,as long as the stock can earn money, they will buy it. People don't look into the company background, who is their management level, how's their financial reports, what is their EPS, they don't do analyse at all. What they want is buy at "a low price" and sell at "high price" and gain the profit in the shortest time.

Investment in term of you buy that share and you become the company share holder, you will holding that stock for one year? or maybe ten years and wish the company gain profit every year so that you will gain the interest from the stock.

Speculation is just same like gambling which put a big bucks on the casino table and hope for a big win in the shortest time. Buy the stock today and sell it in next few days.

If you wanna to ask me, am i the winner in stock market?I can frankly answer your question, "no, because i was the same as others, buy stock just for the sake of gain profit in the shortest time, that's why i failed..."