Friday, May 13, 2005

Graduation registration

My working place near to APIIT KL(my college). During my lunch hour, i went to 4th floor. As usual, all visitors who want to enter into the building have to sign a visitor book. Although the security guys didn’t block me at all, as you all know "I am always follow the rule :p", so I immediately write down my detail on that visitor book before they asked me to do so. After that, go to the 4th floors and immediately can see the sign board "Graduation register please follow this way => ", enter the room pay the moneys. They required me to fill up a paper form, not much questions. But.............the questions such as What is my strong subject? Hahaha, sorry......i really forgotten all the subject names. Unless only the unforgotten painful BUSINESS subjects such as Business Process Reengineering, Strategic Information Planning, all still in my mind. In addition, i still remember another two subjects such as Business Communication and Business Organization which i learned during my diploma level. The rest all gone..........I means I have permanently deleted them from my memory. Good thing hard to remember, only bad thing always keep in mind. Don't you don't agree with me? Just think about it!

After I got the grown, that administrator asked me to fill up some form. I tot it just took a while, when I look at it, Form A - E.........When I looks at the questions.......first and second form is like give feedback about apiit facilities and services. Third one I forgotten what is that, another two forms........haha! I wonder what can i talk about it, it really asking some stupid questions. For example, one of the question Do you working now? If yes please skip to question ..., so i just follow the instruction and skipped these questions. When I press on submit button, it popup the message "Fill in the reason of why do you not working", I am feel like so dummy.......WHO DESIGNED THIS FORM!!!!!

And the last part is another interesting question. But......the answer written in BAHASA MALAYSIA. Question in English, and answer in Malay....some more these long list of answer doesn’t fitted to my need!!!!!!! Sure copy and paste from some where before thinking of whether it really fit to our computing student or not!

I asked another administrator why is it so, he told me yesterday got another student also asked the same question, but the designer of this form is from TPM apiit student. I was comment!

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