Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Finally we know we are not student anymore..... Jealous to see the students can enjoy their school holiday now, whereby we all have to working everyday. Luckily next week monday holiday, no need go to work! Hurray! So what am I going to do at home next monday? Maybe sleep at home? Or play pc? Or...don’t know le! A lot of things need to settle, have to send the car to service. My car's mileometer not moving at all, I also don't know how fast my car when I am driving. Anyway, I can estimate the car’s speed just by seeing other car. If my car moving almost same as them, then…….it is consider standard speed. If I am faster than all of them, it means I am over speed, haha!

I already watch Star War. Comment? Soso la……just wonder why they still using the Lightsaber(the traditional weapon of the Jedi) instead of Blasters(It is same like the laser which is particle beam weapons, it fire a "bolt" of energy). When I start to do the research on the laser weapons. From one of the web site, it said “In Star Wars, the laser weapons are not really laser weapons at all. These weapons, called blasters, actually shoot excited gas coupled with light, which is focused by prismatic crystals and by passing down the length of the barrel.” Haha! So funny! If you wanted to know more about the weapons in star war, feel free to visit this web site.

I am curious about why the lightsaber is more powerful than the blaster. You can imagine about a samurai using a “Katana” to block all the bullets from the gun, haha!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sleep, Coffee, and Money?

Everyday sleep at around 10:30, wake up at 6:30 morning. How come still feel so sleepy??? really wonder why!!!
8 hours......no enough. 7 hours, still ok! 6 hours....although sometimes i did so. And then the following morning will drink a cup of White Coffee (in a 3 in 1 pack, must choose the brand "OLD TOWN"!) Watch out! Own town got several type of FAKE old town, some manufacturer using the similar outlook and sell it in a cheaper price, of course the taste won't be the same la, haha! Nice nice, if you like about coffee, just go to the big supermarket and buy it. Cost around RM11 per big pack.
I was thinking to get a digi camera....look at my wallet, going to cry. No money liao, some more still got one more week until the salary out, haha! Common case, it suited to fresh guaduate! Just kidding! At least must force ourselves to save some money into the bank! Of else no planning for future...continuing be poor. Never mind lo, if no money then drink cofee lo!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Network Down!

Today office internet down, local network down...........Shh.........Also don't know what to do now. So bored! The development must need the use of internet.

After an hour. . .
Still like that, i through it will be recovered after a while since the network never down for such a long time.

2 hours over...
It is already over 2 hours, thinking about the lunch hour la! Don't want to think about the network problem. I really wonder who the person responsible to it is. 2 hours!!!!!!!! Not 2 minutes, if let's said in future every device are connected to internet. No matter what device it is, traffic light, remote control, everything!!!!!!! When the time comes true, if the internet down, traffic light lost control, ambulance cannot reach to the accident place on time. Security break down, the door can be open manually. O....lost in the world! Haha! Really hard to think what the worst thing can happen.

Don't want to imagine about world. There is an imagination about hacking, some peoples used their good imagination, like you only need to take 1 cent out from every bank account, and you can become a millionaire, haha! Last time i trust that story too! After that I realize it is kind like impossible to take out 1 cent from each accounts. Although it just a cent, but it is also too visible unless that transaction doesn't appear in their people’s account! If it doesn't appear there, then......where to money come from?

Why not go to apply for the online banking database administrator? It means jobs done easily. They have the power of display anyone's online username and password, able to make the fake transaction info, and also able to add a number "0" behind the amount. Or shift the position of the "." to the digit behind.

Lunch hour over...
Finally the network is....fine......used the temporarily switch, haih....ok la......back to work!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Laptop got stolen!!!

Laptop, why steal it? Don't worry, not my laptop! Last night my colleague went to 1 Utama. Her laptop was left in the car and she did purposely put the clothes to cover it. After 10minutes back, the car window broken and the laptop gone.

This kind of case always happens when someone leave their laptop in the car. No matter you put in any where in the car, these peoples got the "special device" to detect it. You might think what so special about that kind of device. If I not mistaken, it can as big as a door size, when you bring the laptop pass through it, it will alert! Never the less, it might be a small device which can be as small as the standard Magnifier size (if you enter into government department or police main branch building, police officer will use it to detect whether you bring any weapon or not). Of course it could be any more high-tech or tiny size of device, who knows?

For any laptop owners, never leave your laptop in your car or car boot, it is useless!!! YOUR EYES CANNOT SEE IT doesn’t mean OTHER PEOPLES SEE IT WITH THEIR EYES. No matter you only out for 5 minutes or shorter, always remember bring it together with you. I know it is heavy! So just buy a light one if you feel so! If no money, then better don't buy it. If want to use it, just bring your desktop pc with you. I don't think they got so much time to shift all the heavy hardware from your car! : P


TIME.................no time...!Every week going too fast.......you never able to catcha on it! I didn't feel like wasting my time, some how i really feel "it" never wait for anyone. Everyday working, go home then maybe online a while or do something else......then sleep. Everday repeat the thing again and again, haih....
No to say this is a kind of bored life, maybe need more challenges, haha!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Graduation registration

My working place near to APIIT KL(my college). During my lunch hour, i went to 4th floor. As usual, all visitors who want to enter into the building have to sign a visitor book. Although the security guys didn’t block me at all, as you all know "I am always follow the rule :p", so I immediately write down my detail on that visitor book before they asked me to do so. After that, go to the 4th floors and immediately can see the sign board "Graduation register please follow this way => ", enter the room pay the moneys. They required me to fill up a paper form, not much questions. But.............the questions such as What is my strong subject? Hahaha, sorry......i really forgotten all the subject names. Unless only the unforgotten painful BUSINESS subjects such as Business Process Reengineering, Strategic Information Planning, all still in my mind. In addition, i still remember another two subjects such as Business Communication and Business Organization which i learned during my diploma level. The rest all gone..........I means I have permanently deleted them from my memory. Good thing hard to remember, only bad thing always keep in mind. Don't you don't agree with me? Just think about it!

After I got the grown, that administrator asked me to fill up some form. I tot it just took a while, when I look at it, Form A - E.........When I looks at the questions.......first and second form is like give feedback about apiit facilities and services. Third one I forgotten what is that, another two forms........haha! I wonder what can i talk about it, it really asking some stupid questions. For example, one of the question Do you working now? If yes please skip to question ..., so i just follow the instruction and skipped these questions. When I press on submit button, it popup the message "Fill in the reason of why do you not working", I am feel like so dummy.......WHO DESIGNED THIS FORM!!!!!

And the last part is another interesting question. But......the answer written in BAHASA MALAYSIA. Question in English, and answer in Malay....some more these long list of answer doesn’t fitted to my need!!!!!!! Sure copy and paste from some where before thinking of whether it really fit to our computing student or not!

I asked another administrator why is it so, he told me yesterday got another student also asked the same question, but the designer of this form is from TPM apiit student. I was like...............no comment!

Thursday, May 12, 2005


A day followed by another day....Time never waiting for anyone. I really didnt realize about the time and the day, I am feeling last friday just over a while ago, and now.......tomorrow is another friday. Everyone who is working now always waiting for the friday, since it is the time for rest, fun, enjoy, or being lazy to stay at home, haha!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm Lovin' it

I'm Lovin' it................What a powerful word! less than 10 characters give peoples an impression about the "M". I wonder how much money McDonald spend on promoting that slogan. It is kind like a "drug", no matter how old are you, big, small, tall, short,handsome or not, once you tried it, it will never escape from it. McDonald.......Today I tried the new food "Grilled Chicken Foldover". 2 pieces of chicken meats fold by a flatbread. Wanna know how it looks like? You can click on this link.

Well, don't get it wrong. I am not here to promote how good is McDonald. I just wanted to tell, it looks nice in photo (Thanks to the proffesional photography artificial great work), but it doesn't always disappointed our imagination. Not about the size, but is about the taste. Do you still remember about KFC OR Filet Burger? It looks Big in photo, but the actual size is quarter of the photo size..................

What you see is what you get? Never be the true....Something is behind the rock!

Monday, May 09, 2005

"Special" CD

I am listening to a "special" cd which i just bought last 2 days in a night market. It sounds so special?Haha, you better don't think so!actually it is a P*R*T*D (7 characters) cd, it costs me RM4. I think you all should able to know what kind of "special" cd i means now. Why am I voice it up? Frankly, it is the first cd i bought from night market. A local chinese singer which I not able to search that song in internet, maybe local singer not so famous yet since no one share the album out.

As we all know, the qualification for a local singer to enter the "special" cd rank, it is not easy. At least they must "famous", maybe in the way like advertising in radio, newspaper....Some peoples might now ANTI me now.......they feel I should support local singer, or else who will support them? This is a good question, this is a first time for me, and it could also be my last time, haha........well...well.......i will rethink about this question, don't worry about I don't support Malaysia Boleh (Made in Malaysia)!

Mother's day

Mother's day....We went to a relative house, everyone gather together and celebrate it. Special day is a day use for a special purpose. Peoples nowaday start to forget about the "Truth of life" especially relationship among the people. Everyone chasing about money, working........and working........Enjoy lifestyle also is another issue. The distance between rich and poor has a big GAP. I am working as a programmer now, one thing i found out is...."I almost believe on everything what other peoples told me, after that they will told me just kidding, don't believe it".......Shhhh.................I feel kind like a Dummy feel......In my family, I really didnt tought to act to be "smart think". Maybe i am simple minded, that's why never suspect on what peoples told me since i feel they will not cheat in front us since we are also "real" to them...

As conclusion, life is not easy...

Saturday, May 07, 2005

First Blog

Blog? like a diary.....but is not private anymore, publish here to let's other peoples to reveal your P & C life, is not Pua Chu Kang's life!!!It is private and confidential life.....Maybe will not online everyday, but when free will update here a bit....for someone who easily to get forgetten about something, is better to have a record Black and white.

Why to post it here? Few reasons to answer this question:
1) I always online quite frequently(you might not see me when i go online)
2) I am an IT student, so have to make use of IT although i still write letters and post it through trusted postman (they might not arrive to the destination quite frequently, not believe? ask your "OLD traditional thinking" friends ).
3) Whoever wanna get to know about me can always check through this site
4) Because............everyone got blogs now............i am almost outdated liao .......long time didnt play any game, didnt watch astro, didnt watch tv..........and also didnt read newspaper liao laaaaaa......poor me
5) When feel bored, at least can spend some free time here and write about somethings.....
6) Many more other reasons...........................think it yourself, if still didnt get it, then just ask me about it

That's all for today....if write too long for the first blog, it would be a bit too sien la! 88!