Monday, December 28, 2009

Bird's hierarchy management

What is project management? When things go to the way where top management know nothing about what happening at bottom, whatever they look down, they only see the shit. And bottom level people already in the shitty situation, they knew they cant escape away from it?

If you are someone from the top, probably u can step down and stand side by side with us? So that you know what is the nice scent of this white thingy.

If you are someone from bottom, then top management give us a chance to step up so that we wont be stepping on so much shitty again. LOL!

p/s: This image circulated from email, if you know where is the original image source, please do let me know!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Mc Donald's in Malaysia

Article from BMI "McDonald's across the world"

Wanna to clarify that we have McDonald's in Sabah and Sarawak, they are part of Malaysia

Thursday, October 29, 2009

1975's Pet (Pet Rock)

13 years back, we have the "In-Thing" called Tamagotchi. I believe you have one

Do you know back to year 1975, before you were borned (if you are as young as me ^ . ^), there was a FAD called "Pet Rock"

"Pet Rocks were ordinary gray stones bought at a builder's supply store and marketed as if they were live pets. ", quoted in wikipedia.

It come with user manual, so that you know how to take good care of your "pet"

you can teach your "pet" how to attack

you also can learn how to differentiate different breed of "pet"

If you holding a rock now and called it as your pet, what would others think about you?
What if everyone doing the same thing, isn't it become so called "acceptable trend"?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to manage RSS in iGoogle?

I believe many of you have know what is RSS(icon above)? It is like an notification info to let you know whether your favorite site has been updated or not? It could be a blog? news? product updates? Then you would need a software or a tool(RSS Feeder) to help you manage all the RSS update. 3 years back i did introduce Netvibes (Still my favorite) . Today i want to introduce iGoogle. You need a google account to proceed the rest.

1) Go to and login, then you will see the screen below. Click on the link "Add Stuff"
2) In the next page, click on "Add feed or gadget"

3) Get a rss url you want to add in. If you don't know where to get it, you can use Mozilla Firefox the top RSS icon there. Click on that icon

Then click on "Subscribe to 'blablabla - RSS'

It will navigate to the RSS url, then copy that url ( That's the rss's url which will give you the notification info).

There are many other ways to get the rss's url, You can always looks for the RSS icon in their website and get its url.
4) Paste that url into the box and click "Add"

Then go back to iGoogle homepage

5) Now you can see the new "box" is added into your iGoogle homepage

6) For ease the maintainability, i would prefer to arrange in different tab according to its type. Probably you can have one tab for "News", another tab for "Games", tab for "My favorite blogspot". To create new tab, click on the icon, and click on "Add a tab"

7) Unchecked the "I'm feeling lucky....", then click OK

8) Once the new tab has been created, you can actually Drag and Drop that box to another tab.

9) Now you can see that box has been moved to the tab i created just now.

10) Besides that, you can also add some gadget or tools into your homepage. Gadget can be like stick note, a small cloak, dictionary, mini game....etc etc...To add a new gadget, click on "Add Stuff"

11) Choose any gadget which you are interested, then click "Add this". As example, i add the "dictionary gadget"

12) Finally, you can get this tool into your page too!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hoax call from 03-21788888? Ambank?

Today i received a call from 03-21788888, once you pick up, there is a poor quality of pre-recorded voice machine
"This is AmBank Credit Card centre. We have detected a pending transaction of RM3800 in your account. Please press 1 to confirm transaction. Press 2 to talk with our customer service or press 9 to repeat."

First of all, if you owned an Ambank credit card, you will start to panic and press "9" to talk to their representative.

But....if you are not Ambank card holder, you will start wondering what is this crap?

Look at the phone number, definitely you know it is not a standard phone number you can get with your house phone. I did checked in Ambank web site, one of their phone number is (603) 2178 8888, which is same as the "hoax number".

Try to search around in internet, there are quite many people experienced with this number.

After all, i ignored the call...

Anyway, I know there is a "way" that people can actually pretend another phone number to call to your phone number...

Hopefully no one got cheated by this phone number...Best way is do not verify your identity about your bank info from any number. Unless you personally call to it.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"BingWallpaper"-Bing's wallpaper auto downloader (aka Changer) tool v0.22 just released less than a month, it gave us a brand new of "decision maker" engine. Briefly to say, it will assists you to make decision.

Anyway, I don't want to go deep to explain what is BING.
BING has one special feature, which is "daily wallpaper". The search engine wallpaper changed everyday, and different region will have different wallpapers. What i seeing might different than what you are seeing.

I used the Codeplex as my reference and VB.NET to create this small application "BingWallpaper". "BingWallpaper" will help you to update or change your window wallpaper during window startup everyday. In addition, it will also download that image and save into the "Images" folder.

Today Theme - Display the title for that image of the day.

Set to Wallpaper - Meaning set to desktop wallpaper

Update Wallpaper during window start - Auto launch and change the wallpaper during the next window start

This application will try to connect to internet while windows start, it will tried 3 times with interval 60 seconds to check whether internet connection is available or not, if yes, it will auto update the desktop wallpaper then terminate (save memory). Else it will auto terminated and retry again in the next window restart.

If you facing the error

"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to termniate the application."

meaning you need to install Microsoft .NET Framework Version in order to execute it

This tool is free to distribute, it should work on your pc bcoz it working fine in my pc.

FREE DISTRIBUTION doesnt mean FREE BUGS...anyway, if there is a case it doesnt work on your pc, dont blame me...Just leave a comment below.

If you like this tool, feel free to give comment too, thank you.

Note: There would be a case if "BING.COM" changed their website layout and this application might not work anymore (Not within my control to ask them "DONT CHANGE IT, U WILL SKREW MY APP!)

How to install it
Create a folder, and extract that zip file, dump into that folder and execute it.

Updated to v0.22 (13-Sep-2009)
Download Link
- Fixed the invalid hostname (due to Bing changed the path)
- Enhancement - append the title into the filename for jpg file.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to download youtube HD (High Defination) video to your pc?

HD stand for "High Definition" video...

Sometime, we might want to keep the youtube video into our PSP, mobile phone or PC, we will use the free online video downloader for youtube video such as youtubemp4 or VIXY

Today, I wanna to introduce a free tool which allowed you to download High Defination Video "Youtube downloader HD".

I tested and it running well. You can download from here

I personally preferred to download the "Youtube Downloader HD - Portable Version" because it doesn't required any installation...clean!

Note: Not every video in youtube has "HD" quality. I not sure how long this tool will works, it depends on whether youtube will block it or....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beef in the chicken?

Yeah, beef in the chicken known as "beefychicken". Come across from an advertisement from El Pollo Loco who the competitor for the KFC Grilled Chicken. They found out the KFC for using "beef powder" and "rendered beef fat" in their new grilled chicken.

Sounds funny to me.....probably you eating a chicken but tasted like the

Below is the ad

In addition, they setup a domain called "" just to promote this ad.

To find out the truth, i went to and look at their ingredients...,
it seem...yeah! Beef is in!

I did a small search in youtube, EL POLO LOCO actually created a channel to publish their ad, this is the interesting one "KFC Prank Call to El Polo Loco"

Impressive! I just wondering they really did "search" for every single phone number they got from their caller id?

The last slogan they mentioned in that video is quite funny "Guess if they had better "grilled chicken, they wouldn't be so chicken", hahaha!

Don't get me wrong, i am not sent by "El Polo Loco", i only tasted KFC but not El Polo Loco...(so many o)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Why should you get iphone 3G from Maxis while it is leftover stock?

I said so because Apple going to release the new iphone 3G(s) on 19 June 2009. The price of iphone 3G 8gb is now changed price from USD199 to USD99, i am wondering what is the person thinking if they just bought it yesterday...While maxis still hot selling it in the shopping mall and my friend who went to their exhibition, they sales person told her if they buy it now, Maxis would do the free upgrade to them?
Ya, right! Free upgrade from the firmware 2.2.1 to 3.0, but not the HARDWARE!
Meaning the Iphone 3G you just bought from maxis is still Iphone 3G, and I don't believe Maxis willing to spend money and do the free upgrade for you.

Anyway, what is the main different between iphone 3G and iphone 3Gs or 3G(s)
Both of them looks the same, feel the same...features not same!


iPhone 3gs

iPhone 3gs

The fastest, most powerful iPhone yet. Now with built-in video camera, Voice Control, longer battery life, and more.

iPhone 3gs

iPhone 3g

iPhone 3G has lots of new features. It even has a new price.

USD 199 (16GB)

USD 299 (32GB)

USD 99 (8GB)


3 megapixels
Video recording

2 megapixels

- Improved Performance x 2

- Built-in video camera with editing

- Compass

- Cut, Copy & Paste

- Messages

- Spotlight Search

- Landscape keyboard

- Voice Memos

- Messages

- Spotlight Search

- Landscape keyboard

- Voice Memos


Talk time:

Up to 5 hours on 3G;

up to 12 hours on 2G

Standby time:

Up to 300 hours

Internet use:

Up to 5 hours on 3G;

up to 9 hours on Wi-Fi

Audio playback:

Up to 30 hours

Video playback:

Up to 10 hours

Talk time:

Up to 5 hours on 3G;

up to 12 hours on 2G

Standby time:

Up to 300 hours

Internet use:

Up to 5 hours on 3G;

up to 9 hours on Wi-Fi

Audio playback:

Up to 24 hours

Video playback:

Up to 7 hours

Info retrieved from Apple

Based on the different...i feel it is not really attract people to upgrade their iphone 3G to iphone 3G(s), the main different between it:

1) Iphone3G(s) come with build in compass (unless you always go for jungle trakking, or you like chinese "Feng Shui", then this would be useful for you)

2) Build-In Camera from 2megapixels to 3megapixels plus autofocus....well....frankly to say the quality of the iphone still sucks especially lack of flash-light. The upgrade might be quite useless while the picture is larger but blurry....Autofocus...still not sure how it works, due to the size of the len, you can make the assumption of what would be its best quality.

3) Improved Performance (this could be the only main key point to consider, while they changed the processor, few seconds lack is not an issue for me....).

4) The hard disk size (Unless you going to install a lot of craps into it, or put many video......). Never forget that there is a limit number of application you can install into your iphone, for the existing firmware 2.2.1, the number of app is 144. The latest firmware 3.0 will be able to support up to 176.

5) Video recording (For those who did the jailbreak, video recording was available last year through third party video recording app, if this come from official apple firmware, the video quality might be better?)

Lastly, i not sure whether they will included the "BLUETOOTH" feature since they didn't mention about it...If you, it can overcome by install the "iBluetooth"(jailbreak only)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Life is a short journey

Recently i found this short video clip, one minutes and 37 seconds clip...
It looks like very ordinary stage that most people will go through it, from birth to death

Last Day Dream

This is another ad from XBOX when they just introduced the new XBOX 360 (not now, few years back...)

If you have gone through the whole stage, you are the lucky one.

Always appreciate whatever you having now, always remember whoever still there for you.

If you have forgotten :
- when was the last time you having gathering with your friends
- when was the last time you having dinner with your parents
- special day of your loved one and etc....
get yourself a free time to build your relationship-bound at this point.

Life is just a short journey.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RSS feed for Malaysia's newspapers (Sin Chew Jit Poh, China Press, Oriented Daily, Guang Hua, The Star)

2 years back, i have posted a post about How to make use of RSS Feed.

Sometime, I find it difficult to get the RSS link for the newspaper in their official site,
therefore I decided to create a summarize for some of the rss feed i have created and also collected:

星洲日报 Sin Chew Jit Poh

Non Official Local News :

Non Official International News :

Non Official Supplement Article :

中国报 China Press
Non-Official RSS : (Customized XML by me, update interval time: Every 6 hours)
For some reason, i not able to split it into international news and local news..

东方日报 Oriental Daily 

Non-Official RSS : (Customized XML by me, update interval time: Every 6 hours)

独立新闻在线 Merdeka Review
Official RSS :

光华日报 Kwong Wah
Official RSS :
The Star (Most comprehensive RSS supported )

Business :
Sports :
Technology : href="
World Updates : href="
Columnists :
Opinion :

Lifestyle - Bookshelf :
Lifestyle - Parenting :
Lifestyle - Living :
Lifestyle - Focus :
Lifestyle - Health :
Lifestyle - Arts and Fashion :
Lifestyle - Travel and Adventure :

Entertainment - Video :
Entertainment - Sound and Stage :
Entertainment - Music :
Entertainment - Movies :

Entertainment - TV and Radio :
Metro - Central :
Metro - North :
Metro - South and East :
Most Viewed - Nation :
Most Viewed - Business :
Most Viewed - Sports :
Most Viewed - Entertainment :
440Hz :
440Hz - Reviews :
440Hz - Features :
AudioFile :
AudioFile - Reviews :
AudioFile - Features :

Note: If the rss feed that customized by me is not working anymore, feel free to leave your comment here and i will try to fix it. This might happen if the design of the webpage has changed from time to time.


18-March-2009 : Add "Non-Official RSS Supplement Article" Requested by JChan 18-03-2009
18-March-2009: Add "Official RSS links from Sin Chew, removed unofficial Sin Chew rss's url, thanks to SinX information"
01-Nov-2011 : Removed the official sinchew rss url because SinChew no longer support it
25-October 2015: Updated Kwong Wah's rss link. I personally do not maintain this page anymore, any request you can post in the comment section, no guarantee will get the updated link.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What is the future of Microsoft vision towards techonlogy?

MS Office Labs 2019 Vision Montage

Few months back, i saw a video published by Microsoft..."Microsoft Surface"

Yeah, it is not as simple as what it shows on the video itself, multitouch and the screen and rotate it with hands is possible now, just that "capture the info by placing the physical object on the surface definitely not easy because it required a common communication layer, probably a chipset? or through some kind of handshake protocol such like bluetooth, wireless?" And what they currently got it in hand as below..."Bill Gates unveils the Microsoft SURFACE"

The future...I believe it is just the matter of time!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Can you predict stock market Bursa Malaysia? Chartnexus?

Recently, i received few mails from the Chartnexus (A company that created a tool "Chartnexus" which allowed you to analyse the stock market)". The email always claimed they able to analyse and predict which stock allowed you to gain good profits in the shortest time. It is a misleading message.

If you are the stock advisor, you should teach people to "investment" rather than "speculation". Most people feel, regardless it is a good stock or bad stock,as long as the stock can earn money, they will buy it. People don't look into the company background, who is their management level, how's their financial reports, what is their EPS, they don't do analyse at all. What they want is buy at "a low price" and sell at "high price" and gain the profit in the shortest time.

Investment in term of you buy that share and you become the company share holder, you will holding that stock for one year? or maybe ten years and wish the company gain profit every year so that you will gain the interest from the stock.

Speculation is just same like gambling which put a big bucks on the casino table and hope for a big win in the shortest time. Buy the stock today and sell it in next few days.

If you wanna to ask me, am i the winner in stock market?I can frankly answer your question, "no, because i was the same as others, buy stock just for the sake of gain profit in the shortest time, that's why i failed..."

Sunday, February 22, 2009

STOP contributing and become junk mail donator, ok?

Subject: Fwd: Ericsson promotion

Dear all,

Ericsson is distributing free laptops for their brand promotion. They hope to increase their popularity and sale! By this campaign. All you need to do is send an email about this promotion to 8 people and you will receive an Ericsson T18 Laptop. However, if you send an email to 20 or more people, you will receive an Ericsson R320 Laptop.

Make sure you cc to Anna at Ericsson so that she will know you have sent the e-mail.

> > >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

WAKE UP, my friend(s).....there is no free lunch in this world...

Read into the email content, Ericsson T18, this is don’t know some ages handphone, some more now Ericsson LAPTOP? Are you sure?

In addition, no company will give away some "FREE GIFT" through spam mail. There is some forward mail I always got from my friends.
The email content can be divided into few categories:

1) Help the sick one - "please forward this email to 20 peoples to help this poor kid", or "someone need a big sum of money to do operation, AT&T promised to give out 20cents for every mail you forwarded",
2) Free gift – Just like the one mentioned on top
3) Lucky Winner - "Microsoft randomly selected you as one of their winner, please send your contact info to"
4) Pfishing scam - “I am the bank manager from BLABLABLA bank, I willing to give out 3 millions USD to you, please send me your contact detail. The most funny part is some beginning with his family intro, “I am the father of 2 kids, works as banker in…”, end with “I am sincerely to write this email to you, looking forward and waiting for your reply, please give me a chance and trust me”
5) The cursed one - Forward this to 20 persons, else you will be very bad luck or someone close to you will have accident....(If you received this cursed, why should you curse another 20 of your friends????)
6) .....all the craps!

If some of you might wonder, what if it is real?
Forward mail is an action of sharing love? You will not lost anything while just give it a try? The real part is you are contributing more junk mail, do you realize how much time has been wasted just to delete these junk mails everyday in this world? While you are forwarding to other people, some “bad” one will just scan through the forward email’s content in order to retrieve the “valid emailssssssss”. I got so many junk mails everyday, partially is because you are also contributing on it.

Reply to the pfishing scam? While you thought you are the lucky one? What make you think so? Do you think you are the better person than else one and deserve that gift? And god selected you as the lucky one?
Enough mean enough….stop it!

If you thought of wanna help others, please go to do blood donation rather than spam donation....thank you.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Different between Maxis Value Plan 50 and Value Plan Plus 50? Or Value Plan Minus 50?

Today i received e-billing from maxis. The amount of the maxis bill is more than the package(Value 50 Plan) i took.

Just for wondering which call actually costs me the most, then go to maxis portal to check whether any new call package available or not... usual, Value plan 50, value plan 80, value plan is like nothing change...If you thought like that, you are Wrong!

Look at the charge stated, Maxis to maxis (Peak or non-peak) - 12cents per minute, charging 30seconds per block. I look into my bill, i come they charge me 15cents per minute whereas 0.08 for first 30seconds? Which is 25% extra more!!!
RM 50 call charges now will become RM62!

Called the number "123" to talk to their customer service, i been told the package i took is "Value Plan 50", not "Value Plan Plus 50"! "Value Plan Plus 50" is the plan they just released last year october, unless I decided to upgrade it....WTH......

Ya, now u can look at the picture above. It stated "Value 50"! Why the "plus" is not there???? Is it meaning I am "Value minus 50" plan?

I have been Maxis loyal customer few years back, while they thinking of attract new customer, why don't they consider of make sure their loyalty customer wont switch to Digi?It is not like the old plan(Value Plan 50) have better offer than newer plan(Value Plan Plus 50)! Then why should the customer wanted to stick to the old plan while new plan can provide them the same service but in cheaper price?

Do they know how much customer will pissed off if they accidentally found out they been cheated to be Maxis loyalty customer?

If you are the one of the "dumm" but "loyal" Maxis's customer like me, I advise you to take a look into your billing statement....

In the end, i decided to change the plan, because it is cheaper than the old plan 25%. There will be no charge to upgrade that plan, but they do pro-rated your previous plan charge, please understand about it.