Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Something change your mindset before you decided to buy something???

Did anyone of you experienced of this scenario?

When you walk into the shopping mall to check out a LCD price, you found out another LCD beside it has a higher resolution than another, but you can't tell the difference in term of the quality. The higher quality costs an extra RM50, and it doesn't come in the color you want. Still, most people will go for the second one.

Due to the product specification, it can always change your mind. More people trust into the number rather their's own experiences. Most of the time, these extra features come which extra cost, while we don't use it, in the end we still choose the one with extra features because we thought we might need it "sometime"? or just having the thought of the one we bought has better resolution, higher megapixel...

Just as an example, last week i bought a GPS device "Nuvi 205". The seller try to convince me to get the "special edition Nuvi 205" which come the same features with the original one, the different is just the casing color & another extra power adapter by paying another 10% extra. Or else i only able charge the Nuvi device in the car with car adapter but not in the house.

I was tempted to get that "special edition Nuvi"...In the end, i decided to buy that original Nuvi 205 but not the special edition. Reason why? My thought telling me, I will only use that device most of the time inside the car, but not inside the house, then why should i pay extra 10% just to get something which is not really necessary to me?

When I reach home and play around with that toy, i realized i could charge it with USB cable too! (Obviously you need to have that USB cable, it doesn't come with that package)...So my decision was right! :P

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Programmer's Life?

Below the movie is reflecting what is actually facing by most of the programmer.....

Many of us, when saw someone holding an iphone on left hand, right hand holding the laptop.....does he looks cool? I doubted...

When new technology or programming language introduced, you have to spend lot of time to learn it when your boss asked you to do so..."he is the one pay you money"

Before you able to picked out the existing programming languages, here come another new version which totally different from existing version. "You might have to work double jobs"

When someone leave and you need to picked out to maintain the code he leftover, here come the disaster when you have no idea what's it about..."poor documentation"

When boss given you a mission impossible submission date, you need to work Over Time, else you are not committed yourself to the company..."most IT company dont pay you OT"

Even though you able to complete that development within the given timeframe, it might very buggy and end up your output have no quality..."given time too short, only enough for development but not testing"

Then, you need to spend more time on fixing it..."boss will ask: what took you so long to fix it? Did you done any testing before deliver that program?"

If the program is buggy, your customer won't happy..."customer complaining to boss"

When boss not happy, we also won’t happy..."because boss will scold us"