Monday, May 09, 2005

"Special" CD

I am listening to a "special" cd which i just bought last 2 days in a night market. It sounds so special?Haha, you better don't think so!actually it is a P*R*T*D (7 characters) cd, it costs me RM4. I think you all should able to know what kind of "special" cd i means now. Why am I voice it up? Frankly, it is the first cd i bought from night market. A local chinese singer which I not able to search that song in internet, maybe local singer not so famous yet since no one share the album out.

As we all know, the qualification for a local singer to enter the "special" cd rank, it is not easy. At least they must "famous", maybe in the way like advertising in radio, newspaper....Some peoples might now ANTI me now.......they feel I should support local singer, or else who will support them? This is a good question, this is a first time for me, and it could also be my last time, haha........well...well.......i will rethink about this question, don't worry about I don't support Malaysia Boleh (Made in Malaysia)!

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