Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Best internet service provider in Malaysia

Recently Maxis promoted "There is no place like HOME". Which lead me confusion on what is it about? Asking our graduated student to come back to Malaysia? Obviously I don't really bother about it, randomly saw ad from maxis web site, and click on it. "Fibre internet"...wow! Maxis is now providing the fibre optic internet service which similar to "UNIFI".

Maxis and Telekom Malaysia (TM) signed a 10 years agreement for TM to provide High Speed Broadband to maxis. This is quite similar to old story about Jaring get the Narrowband service (dialup 56bps) from TM, and then distribute the service to it’s' customer. To build an own network involved of high level of investment, capital costs...It is not surprise that other service providers need to get the service from TM, and provide it as their own "service".

Well...if this is the case, should the main service provider(TM) able to providing the best service compare to the rest? According to my past experience deal with TM, the answer is not necessary yes. I remember last time when I was still using dial up modem, tm is usually slower compare to Jaring for some reason...

Imagine TM builds a highway, one lane served its customer, another lane lend to other service provider. When TM has 1000 cars using that single lane, whereas Maxis only has 500 cars using another lane? Which one faster? Probably Jaring has fewer users? or TM's traffic is too congested?

The funny part about TM, i still remember their quote "20% of users utilizing 80% of the total bandwidth" due to users using P2P to download which choking up the broadband line. Which it can be used to mislead users about we can't provide you the promised speed is not our fault, please blame on other users who P2P too much.

Can a dog tell the puppy about not able to provide enough milk to all the puppy due to 2 of the puppies sucked too much of milk?

Anyway, so which service provider can provide the best service in Malaysia?

My answer is simple, go out to knock on your neighbor’s door and ask them "Is your internet stable?" if yes, you can go for that, probably P1? maxis? unifi? Who knows...different locations have different connection stability.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chrome Extension or Chrome Web Store?

Here is the story about Google, sometime i feel quite frustrated to the term of their new services, which always lead me to wonder what is the different in between this and that. Well, no doubt they providing us the free service! My opinion about Google is in order to continue expand their business, they have to impact our life, and change the way of how people live, work...

Similar to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook named as Time's person of 2010, because it changed the way of 500 millions of people live.

Chrome Extension
"Extensions are extra features and functionality that you can easily add to Google Chrome. By using extensions, you can customize Google Chrome with features you like, while keeping your browser free of things that you don't use."

Chrome Web Store
The Chrome Web Store is a online marketplace where you can find a wide range of extensions, themes, and apps designed for the Google Chrome browser. By displaying each item on its own details page where you can read reviews and leave ratings, the store makes it easier for you to explore and try out apps.

To me, both looks quite alike in term of search result and feature. The only different part is Chrome Extension contains all the free extensions whereas Chrome Web Store is provide a platform which similar to Apple's AppStore that allows user to download free/paid extensions.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Google ebookstore, is it google books?

With current technology, almost every piece of informations have been digitalized. CD to mp3/flac, Video to avi/mkv, even books to pdf.

People foreseen in future they will only carry one device which is as thin as a piece of paper, foldable. And yet that device allows to used to browse internet, read books...All right, no more craps here, back to the topic.

Google has introduce the book search engine for quite sometime ago.

Now, they also introducing another service called "Google ebookstore". As said in the name, a store about ebooks!

You can search the book title with their new implemented instant search textbox,

Or view the ebook in your web browser without any need of "Adobe Reader" or pdf viewer

Although it claimed has 3millions of books in their ebookstore, somehow i failed to find the correct ebooks with the title "Where the wild things are", "ASP.net", "sql server". Let's look at the screenshot for the keyword "asp.net"

Result returned from google ebookstore, which i would say the result is quite inrelevant...

But i managed to find it with "Google books"

Now the question if what is the different between "Google ebookstore" and "Google books"
Well...to summarize it, Google ebookstore is like other online bookstore such as Amazon. It sells/give free the ebooks which available from their store.

Whereas "Google books" serve like a search engine that will able to search through "Google ebookstore" or others book publishers, and give the overall info to users about the preview content or where they can purchase the specific book.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What is missing in IPAD or iPhone...

Lately Adobe introduced a campaign about "We love APPLE". It is not about the story "a day an apple keep doctor away". Few weeks back, Steve Jobs(Apple's founder) has publicly criticized the flash would causing battery problems and crashes, and refuse to support the flash in iphone or ipad any future. Adobe is now launching that campaign in order to change Steve Jobs's mind or use publicity power to push it?

If you visit to their website

Attached a letter from Adobe's founders, Chuck Geschke and John Warnock.

Besides that, a full page ad has been published in Wall Street Journal.

Just imagine if Steve Jobs(Apple's founder) don't read newspaper at all, but coincidentally visit http://www.adobe.com with his latest cool gadget "Ipad", he wont understand what is Adobe trying to do. What he can see is this (the picture below)...

The missing "flash" will be replaced with our favorite iphone/ipad "blue icon"...

Picture inspired by another picture which uploaded by @issaco in Yfrog image hoster.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Animal Phone - that's why you should get Android phone instead of an iphone?

What is Android? A mobile operation system which late purchased by Google some years ago. Mainly used in HTC smartphone family such as HTC Hero, HTC Magic or the new Google phone "Nexus One"!

Recently, we heard the news about some of the smartphone user switched over to iPhone due to the number of supported app. Here come another reason of to purchase Android OS phone if you want to understand what the animal talking!

Google Translate for Animals

Google invented this app which allow to translate animal sound into real english.
Let's watch the video below

This reminds me of an app introduced in iphone "Shazam". By recording a short music clip, then upload to internet. It would return the artist and song name for you.

Indeed, if google willing to share their database and translate it to iphone app, i think it is not a difficult job.

Should I now called Android as "Animal Phone"? Which it not only understand you, it also understand animals too!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Burn the money(hell's money) to ancestor

In chinese's culture "Ching Ming" in month April, chinese people will go to clean up the ancestor's cemetery in a way to show the respect or memorial to the ancestor.Buddhist's belief is those who passed away will gone to hell to take the punishment according to the sins they committed in the life. For those who did good deeds in the past, will be going for rebirth. Or staying there...

Frankly speaking, we have no idea whether our ancestors are taking the punishment or stay in hell or already went for rebirth, one thing what Chinese will do is wiring some money to the ancestor in case they need it in the hell.
chinese will wiring (burn) money to the ancestors to use in hell. Beside money, whatever you can think of, clothes, handphone, cheque book, credit card, etc etc...folded into origami?

Here is a photo about how it looks like to represent the "Gold","Silver" and an also tressure box

A paper's car and paper's house

Sample's of hell money (no standard format, as long it written there Hell's money since it manufactured by different company)

Well, in order to wiring it to the hell, we need to "BURN" it with fire! I believe this is definitely not a "GREEN WAY". Here come the introduction of how to send the hell's money to the ancestor without the burn. Iphone's app "HELL BANK NOTE"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TMNET streamyx support center (please dial 100)

First of all, I updated the internet speed since last month from 512kb to become 1MB. The fact is nothing has changed. Except I am paying more this time.

Checked in my router, it shows the downstream is 512kbps, upstream 256kbps. Tested with speedmeter , it still shows my speed is around 350++kbps, upstream 100 plus...Tested few days, remains the same.

Since the market now come with P1, celcom broadband, maxis broadband, Tmnet would improve their service, i guessed....So i decided to make a call to TMNET, ended up I am quite pissed off with the telesupports after talked to them more than an hour while my issue is still pending to solve.

Last saturday, i make 4 calls to TM to complained they capped my speed wrongly (1mb package but capped in 512kb speed).

First technician, after i explained to her so many "technical" terms, she still insist to ask me to restart my router and hang down my call while I am waiting my router to be restarted. Opps, i forget to ask what is her name. [WRONG ATTITUDE]

Second technician, asked me to try all sort of unnecessary things including restart router AGAIN, ping all the tmnet's DNS servers, change DNS's ip manually, flushdns...Finally he said will call to another department to check it out. Then, he told me to wait for 30minutes and i should be able to get my 70% of my subscribed package (1MB). Meanwhile, one report has been logged.[WRONG TOPIC]

30minutes later . . . . .call again and give him my report no.

Third technician, I don't think he understand what is the purpose of what previous technician asked me to do. He also forced me to go through these unnecessary steps again before he "willingly" pass my call to specialist, and claimed it is a compulsory steps before i can talk to the specialist. He asked me to ping google, utusan, hmetro.com.my all these to test whether any package lost, in the end, when i managed to talk to the specialist, the specialist just say he will call back to my mobile no and check on the site first......No call returns...[WRONG PEOPLE]

Fourth technician, since no calls return, i called again night time. He told me, the technician not able to contact another department to check the link since no one working at night, asked me to wait another 2 more days for them to check their port over there........[WRONG TIMING]

WHY no one understand the meaning of the speed cap wrongly? If i subscribed 512kbps, that current speed is perfect, no packets lost.....My question is i subcribed 1mb, how come it is still 512kbps?

One thing i noticed is no matter how many calls you made in a day, they will definitely ask you again about Your Name, house number, phone number. Am i going to change my phone number and house number within a same day? duh? Probably they want to ensure they can spell the name correctly?

Probably something is wrong over there....

1) WRONG TIMING - Saturday and Sunday is the time where people called the most! Because the user who didn't go outside, and thought of spend their day with the crappy speed? What would they do? Definitely called up 100 to complain about it, right? Where all the technician went? Since they would asked user to troubleshoot first with their own pc, how would the user called from their office and troubleshoot during office hour?

2) WRONG PEOPLE - Although a set of "basic instruction" of what to ask. Please make sure know what the user want. Probably most of the user called up to complained their internet speed slow, but it doesn't mean all are nonsense. Why do you hire some technicians who doesn't make any sense at all? Although explained i restart my routers few times in a day, still forced me to restart my router again. (Their explanation is because they just reset the line)

3) WRONG TOPIC - Why do they insists that i am complained about slow internet speed, rather than admitted they capped my speed wrongly? I told them it is not the speed problem, and they still thought it is....WHAT IS THIS???????????? After followed so many steps of basic instruction, and "conned" me my line will be fixed in 30minutes time?

4) WRONG ATTITUDE - Why does the TM support people like to hang down people's call, especially female. I wonder why... Last 2 weeks ago, i called TM support, that girl hang down my call. And this time, the girl hang down my call again. Probably the same girl?

For those who using 1MB line, or 2MB line, make sure you test your internet speed with http://speedtest.streamyx.com.my/
And know about what speed you should get because that 's what you are paying for. Besides that, our country's internet fee is consider very high compare to other ASEAN 's counties.

One of my friend told me, TM Support center has the highest rate of turnover for TM group.

Since TM claimed they are the number 1 broadband provider, why cant they provide number 1 service?

And now what? I am still waiting tomorrow to come...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Bird's hierarchy management

What is project management? When things go to the way where top management know nothing about what happening at bottom, whatever they look down, they only see the shit. And bottom level people already in the shitty situation, they knew they cant escape away from it?

If you are someone from the top, probably u can step down and stand side by side with us? So that you know what is the nice scent of this white thingy.

If you are someone from bottom, then top management give us a chance to step up so that we wont be stepping on so much shitty again. LOL!

p/s: This image circulated from email, if you know where is the original image source, please do let me know!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Mc Donald's in Malaysia

Article from BMI "McDonald's across the world"

Wanna to clarify that we have McDonald's in Sabah and Sarawak, they are part of Malaysia

Thursday, October 29, 2009

1975's Pet (Pet Rock)

13 years back, we have the "In-Thing" called Tamagotchi. I believe you have one

Do you know back to year 1975, before you were borned (if you are as young as me ^ . ^), there was a FAD called "Pet Rock"

"Pet Rocks were ordinary gray stones bought at a builder's supply store and marketed as if they were live pets. ", quoted in wikipedia.

It come with user manual, so that you know how to take good care of your "pet"

you can teach your "pet" how to attack

you also can learn how to differentiate different breed of "pet"

If you holding a rock now and called it as your pet, what would others think about you?
What if everyone doing the same thing, isn't it become so called "acceptable trend"?