Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Best internet service provider in Malaysia

Recently Maxis promoted "There is no place like HOME". Which lead me confusion on what is it about? Asking our graduated student to come back to Malaysia? Obviously I don't really bother about it, randomly saw ad from maxis web site, and click on it. "Fibre internet"...wow! Maxis is now providing the fibre optic internet service which similar to "UNIFI".

Maxis and Telekom Malaysia (TM) signed a 10 years agreement for TM to provide High Speed Broadband to maxis. This is quite similar to old story about Jaring get the Narrowband service (dialup 56bps) from TM, and then distribute the service to it’s' customer. To build an own network involved of high level of investment, capital costs...It is not surprise that other service providers need to get the service from TM, and provide it as their own "service".

Well...if this is the case, should the main service provider(TM) able to providing the best service compare to the rest? According to my past experience deal with TM, the answer is not necessary yes. I remember last time when I was still using dial up modem, tm is usually slower compare to Jaring for some reason...

Imagine TM builds a highway, one lane served its customer, another lane lend to other service provider. When TM has 1000 cars using that single lane, whereas Maxis only has 500 cars using another lane? Which one faster? Probably Jaring has fewer users? or TM's traffic is too congested?

The funny part about TM, i still remember their quote "20% of users utilizing 80% of the total bandwidth" due to users using P2P to download which choking up the broadband line. Which it can be used to mislead users about we can't provide you the promised speed is not our fault, please blame on other users who P2P too much.

Can a dog tell the puppy about not able to provide enough milk to all the puppy due to 2 of the puppies sucked too much of milk?

Anyway, so which service provider can provide the best service in Malaysia?

My answer is simple, go out to knock on your neighbor’s door and ask them "Is your internet stable?" if yes, you can go for that, probably P1? maxis? unifi? Who knows...different locations have different connection stability.