Sunday, April 04, 2010

Animal Phone - that's why you should get Android phone instead of an iphone?

What is Android? A mobile operation system which late purchased by Google some years ago. Mainly used in HTC smartphone family such as HTC Hero, HTC Magic or the new Google phone "Nexus One"!

Recently, we heard the news about some of the smartphone user switched over to iPhone due to the number of supported app. Here come another reason of to purchase Android OS phone if you want to understand what the animal talking!

Google Translate for Animals

Google invented this app which allow to translate animal sound into real english.
Let's watch the video below

This reminds me of an app introduced in iphone "Shazam". By recording a short music clip, then upload to internet. It would return the artist and song name for you.

Indeed, if google willing to share their database and translate it to iphone app, i think it is not a difficult job.

Should I now called Android as "Animal Phone"? Which it not only understand you, it also understand animals too!