Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Torture the pc to the MAX!

This guy seriously torture his pc by installing windows xp with this spec

Experimental setup:

Asus PIV-486SP3 socket 3 Mainboard, SIS 496/97 chipset
Pentium Overdrive 83 MHz @ 16/8 MHz
64 MB RAM, later 20 MB
EIDE drives
Vision964-PCI graphics-card

He claimed that the pc can access internet too! Just that it required 10 minutes time to open the page, haha!

I wonder how long the time he took to boot into this windows xp.

To know more info, please visit to author site

Monday, February 12, 2007

Number prediction,is this MAGIC Gopher?

1)Think of a number with 2 digist, for example 43
2) Now add the two numbers together. For example 4+3=7
3) Next, subtract the new number from your original number. For example 43-7=36
4) Finally, look at the symbol next to your number. Remember it.
5) Look at the chart and it predicted what your think in the number.

If you......., u will know how the magic works....i shouldnt tell what happened behind the scene..let you to find it out by yourself..

Link: magic-gopher-central