Sunday, November 06, 2005

Shopping in Giant....

Long time I didn’t update my blog….kind like a busy life…don’t know what am I busy at about…

Yesterday I went to Sunway Pyramid’s giant to buy some stuff like the light bulb to make my room look brighter. Looks at various brand of light bulb, they all look kind like the same. Got OSRAM(new brand and recently introduced in Malaysia), Philips (not philip, haha! when got many philip appear will become philips lo)…still got some unknown brand with cheaper price. After stared it for around 10 minutes, and pick one Philip “ECOTONE” 15Watt light bulb, RM17, quite a reasonable price because last time I bought one 20Watt at the price RM33 in my house area.

During on the way to the counter, I saw a price checker machine. Put the bar code near to the machine, heard the song “Beep”, look at the screen……like no response. Tried few more times, Beep beep beep…still the same….haih…fine la. Then saw the new Kit Kat Bar in black cool package, get one and walk to the counter to pay money. Wonder is it many workers still in Hari Raya, the BIG Giant supermarket only open 2 counters. A long queue……wait….finally my turn. Paid the money RM50, and get return around RM11++….how come so less. Look at the resit and see the price, WAT! RM28.99? erm….go there and check the price again…..well well……..the put the wrong label…..which the label placed below the tray doesn’t mean it is the real price for tat particular item.

After my analysis, my conclusion is……..the actual price is RM26.89. Then…how come the price …..haih…At first wanna just walk away and dun bother about the RM2 differences. Then, since it is still got some free time before the movie “Corpse bride” Just go to the customer service counter, and ask about the staff there. Well, friendly staff and willing to give help. After wait there for 5minutes, finally a young manager holding my “light bulb”. Wait another 10minutes to confirm the price. After they confirmed it is their mistake, then the manager asked me to fill in a feedback form, then he start to key in “My detail” into the system…..wait another 15minutes just for key in(I really wonder whether he never use the system before or….). And finally I got my RM2.10 back. During the meanwhile, there are few customers bought the product to asked them check for the price, there are also many aunty who bought many shopping bags intend just enter the Gaint without keep it in the customer service. Then the staff will start to “HELLO” “HELLO” to stop the customer. I saw a couple also by pass the customer service and the staff blocked them…

Staff : Hellooooo
Girl : okok… (start to put the shopping begs on the customer service table)
Staff: U….itu beg tak boleh bawa masuk (the staff pointing the hand beg which wearing on the guy’s shoulder)
Staff: Jika kamu perempuan bolehlah, tapi laki tak boleh bawa “handbag”. Atau macam ini, you tanya girl friend tolong kamu bawa itu “handbag”.
When that guy intend to pass the beg to his gf, tat girl just take his “handbag” and pass it together with the shopping begs…

Then another aunty who just finished pay the money and come to collect free gift.
Aunty: ini (pointing at the product she bought) nak ambil free gift.
Staff : sorry la……itu free gift sudah habis la. Ok la..saya bagi anda itu cawan (he point at a plastic cup which is very “Cheap” type)
Aunty: bagi saya itu (pointing to the plastic box)
Staff: itu…………er……………
Aunty: Bagi la. (speaking with the high tone)
Staff: okok la……….
And finally he gave her desire plastic box….

Actually, I doesn’t really bother about that RM2. If I knew I need to wait tat long just to get back the RM2, maybe I will just said forget about it…although we got back what we suppose to get, but then we already spends times to just “GET WAT WE SHOULD GET”. After we got it, do we getting something EXTRA free gift? No la……of coz. Then why should we waste another half an hour just to waste some “unnecessary time on unnecessary things”? Well, I would definitely said they are friendly to provide some good service, I don’t blame about the mistake because I knew there are up to thousand of products, it is not tat easy to maintain all the price to keep update on it.

Anyway…I learned some lessons today:
1) If working in the super market, surely can see many types of customers and things happens
2) Aunty always “good” in getting something “valuable” , especially you can see all the aunty in the DISCOUNT event…

That’s all for the story, kind like a bit long la..hehe!