Sunday, June 12, 2005

Work for saturday

This week is a busy week...working everyday, even Saturday also have to work for full day. One thing luckily is no traffic jam for Saturday morning. If you reach KL at around 10am, then it will be another story. My colleague said the road full with the cars, and most of the car's driver is youngster, haha! All of them are so lucky; no need to working already can drive the big car. I am still paying the car loan for a second hand proton saga, such a pity, haha!

Working on Saturday, when reach home at night still though it is just a Friday night. All the government department also on leave last night, 1sst and 3rd week Saturday declared as holiday. Then, 1st Saturday was the public holiday. Our smart government just brings toward that public holiday and declares it was another holiday for government employee on yesterday.

I was really felt curious about it, Saturday government departments all closed. Most of our citizen was only free on Saturday or Sunday. As conclusion, only one day which is 25Jun is available for everyone to settle their government issue. So, is that a must for the people to go on leave on working day just to settle one or two government documents?

Let’s give an example, a family who got few kids. Only one man is working in that family. What he going to deal with government is about apply or renew all kind of taxes including road tax, EPF, Sosco. In addition with the registration to apply identity card for all the kids, after apply it have to wait for few more weeks and go there again to collect it. So, totally how many days of holiday he should take just for settle the government legal issue? In addition, there might be also the condition where the person might not free on that particular Saturday, later also he has to settle his personal stuffs like bank accounts (just in case he don’t know about online banking), electricity, water, phone bill….who knows later if he got the “Saman”, then he also has to pick a good time to purposely go police station or Majlis Perbandaraan to settle it.

Recently, there is a new about government consider to make the government employee working for 5 days per week. It is not a good SOLUTION. If do so, how are we going to settle our personal documents? Well, I would said this because you might think “I am not working under government”, no wonder I could say this.

Ok, why not just make it like let’s them working on Saturday and Sunday but….give them other holiday such as other working days. Oh, ya! Their kids have to go school so they won’t have free time go out with their kids. O well, let us gives this question to government. If I am going to help them think about it, there is no necessary for them to exist anymore in this country.

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