Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Finally we know we are not student anymore..... Jealous to see the students can enjoy their school holiday now, whereby we all have to working everyday. Luckily next week monday holiday, no need go to work! Hurray! So what am I going to do at home next monday? Maybe sleep at home? Or play pc? Or...don’t know le! A lot of things need to settle, have to send the car to service. My car's mileometer not moving at all, I also don't know how fast my car when I am driving. Anyway, I can estimate the car’s speed just by seeing other car. If my car moving almost same as them, then…….it is consider standard speed. If I am faster than all of them, it means I am over speed, haha!

I already watch Star War. Comment? Soso la……just wonder why they still using the Lightsaber(the traditional weapon of the Jedi) instead of Blasters(It is same like the laser which is particle beam weapons, it fire a "bolt" of energy). When I start to do the research on the laser weapons. From one of the web site, it said “In Star Wars, the laser weapons are not really laser weapons at all. These weapons, called blasters, actually shoot excited gas coupled with light, which is focused by prismatic crystals and by passing down the length of the barrel.” Haha! So funny! If you wanted to know more about the weapons in star war, feel free to visit this web site.

I am curious about why the lightsaber is more powerful than the blaster. You can imagine about a samurai using a “Katana” to block all the bullets from the gun, haha!