Friday, January 09, 2009

Different between Maxis Value Plan 50 and Value Plan Plus 50? Or Value Plan Minus 50?

Today i received e-billing from maxis. The amount of the maxis bill is more than the package(Value 50 Plan) i took.

Just for wondering which call actually costs me the most, then go to maxis portal to check whether any new call package available or not... usual, Value plan 50, value plan 80, value plan is like nothing change...If you thought like that, you are Wrong!

Look at the charge stated, Maxis to maxis (Peak or non-peak) - 12cents per minute, charging 30seconds per block. I look into my bill, i come they charge me 15cents per minute whereas 0.08 for first 30seconds? Which is 25% extra more!!!
RM 50 call charges now will become RM62!

Called the number "123" to talk to their customer service, i been told the package i took is "Value Plan 50", not "Value Plan Plus 50"! "Value Plan Plus 50" is the plan they just released last year october, unless I decided to upgrade it....WTH......

Ya, now u can look at the picture above. It stated "Value 50"! Why the "plus" is not there???? Is it meaning I am "Value minus 50" plan?

I have been Maxis loyal customer few years back, while they thinking of attract new customer, why don't they consider of make sure their loyalty customer wont switch to Digi?It is not like the old plan(Value Plan 50) have better offer than newer plan(Value Plan Plus 50)! Then why should the customer wanted to stick to the old plan while new plan can provide them the same service but in cheaper price?

Do they know how much customer will pissed off if they accidentally found out they been cheated to be Maxis loyalty customer?

If you are the one of the "dumm" but "loyal" Maxis's customer like me, I advise you to take a look into your billing statement....

In the end, i decided to change the plan, because it is cheaper than the old plan 25%. There will be no charge to upgrade that plan, but they do pro-rated your previous plan charge, please understand about it.


Jyrenze said...

Well more people are changing to digi anyway since u can still retain ur old number. Maybe Maxis is getting poor, so duwan to inform old customers about the new plan :p

~ JChan。찬준偉 ~ said...

Although, I wasn't using your package. (That time don't know what is the package name called, but it expensive than I thought. Event, I not using for any call.=_=)

Well, that way I switch to prepaid other than post paid.
At least, we can send each other credit when we are expire.

So, thinking to switch to prepaid...XD

antzworld said...

time to switch to DiGi :D

PublicMutual said...

No comment on the plan. Just ask your maxis agent 'what is the best plan now?'

Review with my(your) existing plan. It's that worth to convert?

If the answer is yes, then you just convert. If the answer is no, they say bye bye.

No point you go and analysis about this plan. Maxis, Digi and Celcom is very competitive. They have many different plan in a year. Is that worth for a busy person to invest your time to do such an investigation and analysis?