Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"BingWallpaper"-Bing's wallpaper auto downloader (aka Changer) tool v0.22

Bing.com just released less than a month, it gave us a brand new of "decision maker" engine. Briefly to say, it will assists you to make decision.

Anyway, I don't want to go deep to explain what is BING.
BING has one special feature, which is "daily wallpaper". The search engine wallpaper changed everyday, and different region will have different wallpapers. What i seeing might different than what you are seeing.

I used the Codeplex as my reference and VB.NET to create this small application "BingWallpaper". "BingWallpaper" will help you to update or change your window wallpaper during window startup everyday. In addition, it will also download that image and save into the "Images" folder.

Today Theme - Display the title for that image of the day.

Set to Wallpaper - Meaning set to desktop wallpaper

Update Wallpaper during window start - Auto launch and change the wallpaper during the next window start

This application will try to connect to internet while windows start, it will tried 3 times with interval 60 seconds to check whether internet connection is available or not, if yes, it will auto update the desktop wallpaper then terminate (save memory). Else it will auto terminated and retry again in the next window restart.

If you facing the error

"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to termniate the application."

meaning you need to install Microsoft .NET Framework Version in order to execute it

This tool is free to distribute, it should work on your pc bcoz it working fine in my pc.

FREE DISTRIBUTION doesnt mean FREE BUGS...anyway, if there is a case it doesnt work on your pc, dont blame me...Just leave a comment below.

If you like this tool, feel free to give comment too, thank you.

Note: There would be a case if "BING.COM" changed their website layout and this application might not work anymore (Not within my control to ask them "DONT CHANGE IT, U WILL SKREW MY APP!)

How to install it
Create a folder, and extract that zip file, dump into that folder and execute it.

Updated to v0.22 (13-Sep-2009)
Download Link
- Fixed the invalid hostname (due to Bing changed the path)
- Enhancement - append the title into the filename for jpg file.


JASON S said...

It would be nice if you release the code for this.


我是贝比@baby said...

hi,dude, do u still remember promise me to teach me how to use RSS Feed??
i think u forget it dy... hahaha....

JASON S said...

Hey Buddy.. I don't remember :(

When did u ask me??? (Sorry for my bad memory)


我是贝比@baby said...

hi Jason... i am asking YS Lim..haha..

spsneo said...

I have written code to set bing background as desktop wallpaper in Linux (Gnome). Check out my site: http://spsneo.com/blog/2009/07/18/set-bing-background-as-your-desktop-wallpaper-in-gnome/

YSLim said...

My code written not in the proper manner, i dont think it is a good idea to release it....HAHAHA!

but if you want, just leave your mail here. I can send it to you.

i will write one about it.

thank you for your visit.
I already went to visit your site, your idea is great too!

ws said...

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I find that your blog is interesting. Is it possible for zsys to repost your articles?

FYI, zsys is reposting http://cyfoong.blogspot.com/’s articles.



BJ said...


I get error- Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed

YSLim said...


i just fixed that error,
please download again and replace your previous version (make sure the filename same as previous).

yinghei said...

It sounds interesting! but the installation sounds a bit complicated to me, lol.

YSLim said...

actually is quite simple,
just download it and run...
then you will get to change your wallpaper everyday automatically!