Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Can you predict stock market Bursa Malaysia? Chartnexus?

Recently, i received few mails from the Chartnexus (A company that created a tool "Chartnexus" which allowed you to analyse the stock market)". The email always claimed they able to analyse and predict which stock allowed you to gain good profits in the shortest time. It is a misleading message.

If you are the stock advisor, you should teach people to "investment" rather than "speculation". Most people feel, regardless it is a good stock or bad stock,as long as the stock can earn money, they will buy it. People don't look into the company background, who is their management level, how's their financial reports, what is their EPS, they don't do analyse at all. What they want is buy at "a low price" and sell at "high price" and gain the profit in the shortest time.

Investment in term of you buy that share and you become the company share holder, you will holding that stock for one year? or maybe ten years and wish the company gain profit every year so that you will gain the interest from the stock.

Speculation is just same like gambling which put a big bucks on the casino table and hope for a big win in the shortest time. Buy the stock today and sell it in next few days.

If you wanna to ask me, am i the winner in stock market?I can frankly answer your question, "no, because i was the same as others, buy stock just for the sake of gain profit in the shortest time, that's why i failed..."


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我是贝比@baby said...

be frank.. i so admire u, as ur English are very good..

queenny said...


Anonymous said...

in regards to your post on ChartNexus, I have to say i disagree with you on ChartNexus. I do receive emails from ChartNexus as well but instead of them asking us to rely on speculation, they are actually doing the opposite. if u read carefully on the mails, they are encouraging us to use Technical Analysis for short term investment in shares and avoid fact they only do investment in shares and you're talking about investments in general... i feel its quite misleading on your side instead of the organization as i feel there is an intellectual meaning behind those mailers that are quite brilliant at times

YSLim said...

Thanks for sharing your thought. First of all, i am telling you I am using ChartNexus for my analysis, they done a great job of providing such a nice tool......

I am partially agreed with you about you need to have "intelligence" to do the prediction on short term investment or some of us known it as "speculation". Regardless how you name it...the fact is i believe it mean the duration is few days, few weeks, or few months...Definitely not a year!

Everything is a past...When you received the mail about a stock's price got "raise 20%" within 2 weeks, you surprise with how intellectual they are!

If they able to use "Technical Analysis" for the speculation, why not they give a prediction on 2-3 stocks, by predicting what the price going to be in next 2 or 3 weeks time (BY HIDING THAT STOCK NAME) and send out the emails to tell everyone this is their ANALYSIS PREDICTION!

Later on, they have to name the "stock name" on what they predicted! So that everyone can agree they are really brilliant!

The fact, they didn't do so. It just remind me of the flyer i used to receive about someone won few hundred thousands by believing on some "monks or praying to idols". The flyer definitely have a photostat copy of the "magnum or toto" winning receipt...