Thursday, October 29, 2009

1975's Pet (Pet Rock)

13 years back, we have the "In-Thing" called Tamagotchi. I believe you have one

Do you know back to year 1975, before you were borned (if you are as young as me ^ . ^), there was a FAD called "Pet Rock"

"Pet Rocks were ordinary gray stones bought at a builder's supply store and marketed as if they were live pets. ", quoted in wikipedia.

It come with user manual, so that you know how to take good care of your "pet"

you can teach your "pet" how to attack

you also can learn how to differentiate different breed of "pet"

If you holding a rock now and called it as your pet, what would others think about you?
What if everyone doing the same thing, isn't it become so called "acceptable trend"?


Jyrenze said...

Go away or I'll command my pet rock to attack u :p

JiaNi said...

i dun hv ler....

YSLim said...

do u mean Tamagotchi or pet rock?

if pet rock, i think u can easily get it from the road side, lol!

JiaNi said...

both leh..i know the tamagotchi very famous last time, but its very exp for me, very envy my frends hv it on that time.

pet rock? i got no idea abt it? i tot is the same. i think im outdated =_="

yinghei said...

1975?I was still somewhere looking for good parents to 投胎 :P

the pet rock is interesting, too bad i have no chance to play it, haha.

YSLim said...

when I was young that time, i pooling the capital with my sisters to bought a "non-original" tamagochi. I remember that time the price was around RM40. As our allowance around RM1 a you can imagine how hard to save that money to buy it.

pet rock was in year 1975 (u havent born yet), that time tamagochi havent invented...someone just come out that idea to sell the rock as the pet...

How many rock you wanna buy? i sell to you. hahaha!

Supergirl Samara said...

wow r u seroius dats jus plain dumbbbbbbb how old r u ????

caseyyjayee said...

i like the little box that the pet rock comes in
it has little breathing holes :)
its so cool

YSLim said...

i guess i am older than

yeah! that box looks cool!

cerita untuk sang Bintang said...

sape yg bodoh nk jdikan batu sbgi pet...?? very stupid person....haha