Friday, March 26, 2010

Burn the money(hell's money) to ancestor

In chinese's culture "Ching Ming" in month April, chinese people will go to clean up the ancestor's cemetery in a way to show the respect or memorial to the ancestor.Buddhist's belief is those who passed away will gone to hell to take the punishment according to the sins they committed in the life. For those who did good deeds in the past, will be going for rebirth. Or staying there...

Frankly speaking, we have no idea whether our ancestors are taking the punishment or stay in hell or already went for rebirth, one thing what Chinese will do is wiring some money to the ancestor in case they need it in the hell.
chinese will wiring (burn) money to the ancestors to use in hell. Beside money, whatever you can think of, clothes, handphone, cheque book, credit card, etc etc...folded into origami?

Here is a photo about how it looks like to represent the "Gold","Silver" and an also tressure box

A paper's car and paper's house

Sample's of hell money (no standard format, as long it written there Hell's money since it manufactured by different company)

Well, in order to wiring it to the hell, we need to "BURN" it with fire! I believe this is definitely not a "GREEN WAY". Here come the introduction of how to send the hell's money to the ancestor without the burn. Iphone's app "HELL BANK NOTE"


~ JChan。찬준偉 ~ said...

Yeap, This following weekend will be busy for this. :)

我是贝比@baby said...

sometimes, i am curious our ancestor will receive it or not. but this one is our culture.

Jyrenze said...

lol iphone apps developers think of all sorts of things la

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YSLim said...

yeah....during this 2 or 3 weeks consider peak...

lol...this is what we called the conflict between beliefs and logic.

Yeah...i think only chinese will buy it....LOL. Western people wont really know what is that.


我是贝比@baby said...

hihi, the music is from one movie " The Piano" , this movie was long long time ago. If i not mistaken is about 1993.