Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Google ebookstore, is it google books?

With current technology, almost every piece of informations have been digitalized. CD to mp3/flac, Video to avi/mkv, even books to pdf.

People foreseen in future they will only carry one device which is as thin as a piece of paper, foldable. And yet that device allows to used to browse internet, read books...All right, no more craps here, back to the topic.

Google has introduce the book search engine for quite sometime ago.

Now, they also introducing another service called "Google ebookstore". As said in the name, a store about ebooks!

You can search the book title with their new implemented instant search textbox,

Or view the ebook in your web browser without any need of "Adobe Reader" or pdf viewer

Although it claimed has 3millions of books in their ebookstore, somehow i failed to find the correct ebooks with the title "Where the wild things are", "", "sql server". Let's look at the screenshot for the keyword ""

Result returned from google ebookstore, which i would say the result is quite inrelevant...

But i managed to find it with "Google books"

Now the question if what is the different between "Google ebookstore" and "Google books" summarize it, Google ebookstore is like other online bookstore such as Amazon. It sells/give free the ebooks which available from their store.

Whereas "Google books" serve like a search engine that will able to search through "Google ebookstore" or others book publishers, and give the overall info to users about the preview content or where they can purchase the specific book.

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