Monday, February 12, 2007

Number prediction,is this MAGIC Gopher?

1)Think of a number with 2 digist, for example 43
2) Now add the two numbers together. For example 4+3=7
3) Next, subtract the new number from your original number. For example 43-7=36
4) Finally, look at the symbol next to your number. Remember it.
5) Look at the chart and it predicted what your think in the number.

If you......., u will know how the magic works....i shouldnt tell what happened behind the scene..let you to find it out by yourself..

Link: magic-gopher-central


irene said...

haha...i try the game before. And I know why..want me to explain here?

YSLim said...

no will become spoiler here..haha!

xiaotian said...

why why why?
haha...yslim,u know y?

YSLim said...

haha! ya, i know why.

maybe as like you said, it reads your mind, haha!

think more, think more!

xiaotian said...