Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Torture the pc to the MAX!

This guy seriously torture his pc by installing windows xp with this spec

Experimental setup:

Asus PIV-486SP3 socket 3 Mainboard, SIS 496/97 chipset
Pentium Overdrive 83 MHz @ 16/8 MHz
64 MB RAM, later 20 MB
EIDE drives
Vision964-PCI graphics-card

He claimed that the pc can access internet too! Just that it required 10 minutes time to open the page, haha!

I wonder how long the time he took to boot into this windows xp.

To know more info, please visit to author site


Jyrenze said...

He must be a really patient person then...haha

Eng said...

hahaha... yea

AGirl said...

I think u can make post other thing more interesting than this :)

BillyTong said...

Agreed, there are other things more interesting than posting this.