Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Touch n GO is a big conned? Touch n GO cheated malaysian?

Some update for my previous post "Touch n Go 10 years Life span"

My friend just informed me that you need to pay "RM10" to change your expired touch and go card.

While you tell them, "I don't want to use your service anymore", you decided to returned back the card to them, they will refund you the balance but not the deposit of RM25, i dunno why they create such a RULE. When you purchase, they said RM25 is deposit, and they are not telling us RM25 is not refundable.

You cant get back your DEPOSIT, while you still forced to pay RM10 to change your touch n go card while your card condition is still LOOK GOOD!

First of all, who is the one set called "EXPIRED DATE" on that prepaid card? It is just the matter of how it programed

Second, What is the purpose of putting the "EXPIRED DATE" on that card? security? or just because wanna reward us as 10 years loyalty customer?

Thirdly, If it is as a reward to give us a brand new card which new "look" of card, then why is it we need to pay the RM10 bucks?

Touch n Go will definitely charge the toll by providing the "TOUCH and then GO" service to customer, at the same time, customer buying their card and put in the money?

No money no talk, it is not like credit card, used first and pay later. Even people providing such used first and pay later, they don't charge us of renewing the card! People give a variety of choice of standard card? mini card? gold card? platinum card?

In the end you just take the touch n go card and show to others, "You See! I got the brand new CARD on my hand".

Just like you bought a LCD, I will tell you your LCD wont work after 5 years, because inside we got a timeframe of 5 years programming trick, but we providing the best service by changing that clip for you and stick a new sticker on your LCD so that you can proudly to tell other your LCD having a brand new clip which can last another 5 more years...

There is around 3 million cardholders, first time of RM25 deposit, they already collected 75millions, now every 10 years, they will getting another 30millions! The money we prepaid into their account, they can use the money to do their investment......

They are the monopoly player, do we reserve a right and say NO? Is this fair?


snow said...

V are dummies getting cheated.
And nobody cares...!

YSLim said...


if dun like touch n go, then u can use smarttag (name changed, but still back to touch n go)...


~ JChan。찬준偉 ~ said...

That's funny..
Same also. =_="

but i didn't encounter this problem.

jiani said...

now i only noticed that "smarttag" is same with the "touch N go" =____="

BeverLy's Secret said...

Touch and Go card will expire? Hmm.. I never heard that before! Thank for sharing :)

YSLim said...

this is not the problem,
your card will expired in 10 years and you forced to renew it....

long time ago, they wasn't...
then government want touch n go to be the "ONE" and closed down all others prepaid service provider..

beverly secret,
at least you wont use Touch n Go in US, haha!