Thursday, December 18, 2008

Programmer's Life?

Below the movie is reflecting what is actually facing by most of the programmer.....

Many of us, when saw someone holding an iphone on left hand, right hand holding the laptop.....does he looks cool? I doubted...

When new technology or programming language introduced, you have to spend lot of time to learn it when your boss asked you to do so..."he is the one pay you money"

Before you able to picked out the existing programming languages, here come another new version which totally different from existing version. "You might have to work double jobs"

When someone leave and you need to picked out to maintain the code he leftover, here come the disaster when you have no idea what's it about..."poor documentation"

When boss given you a mission impossible submission date, you need to work Over Time, else you are not committed yourself to the company..."most IT company dont pay you OT"

Even though you able to complete that development within the given timeframe, it might very buggy and end up your output have no quality..."given time too short, only enough for development but not testing"

Then, you need to spend more time on fixing it..."boss will ask: what took you so long to fix it? Did you done any testing before deliver that program?"

If the program is buggy, your customer won't happy..."customer complaining to boss"

When boss not happy, we also won’t happy..."because boss will scold us"


我是贝比@baby said...

My ex boss always want we do work fast with quality, sometimes, i feel very frustrated.
Although i feel that i do my best, but in his "eye" he still think that not enough.. This call "china Man " thinking bosss... no choice..

YSLim said...

i feel....we cannot blame the boss about their personality.....

just imagine if you are the boss and you are paying someone to help you accomplish your works, i feel you would like to have the staff who work very hard for the company, right?

egg and chicken story,
boss wondering why the staff couldnt understand them while the staff wondering why the boss doesnt appreciate their's work...

Jyrenze said...

LOL. Come we all also make cardboard signs and hold it in front of d boss room when he does stuff like that.

ashes said...

and my worst nightmare so far is having bosses who r not Technical BUT yet they make decisions for u coz they r on top of u..

omg..seriously man..u r just practically stuck..
they refuse to listen..and u know its wrong..but how do we tell them!

this is not the programming u used to do in the 80's anymore SIR..its my lips...2 - 0 - 0 - 8!

**submits resignation letter after saying this

BeverLy's Secret said...

You know what people said? Third world country is 10 years slower than Western.. Soon, you'll see the effects :) I bet in year 2009 :)

Anonymous said...

Like me, as Regular Programmer Only support the system analyst career

-- ApjTomcat --

YSLim said...

I bet many company don't give year end bonus this year....same here...haha!

You know...many boss always frustrated why their subordinate don't follow their order??
Just like the dog and cat "seldom" understand each other...You will understand why the cat hate dog after you watch "the bolt"

BeverLy's Secret,
We already can see the effect here, just that the government never realized it.......too bad.

It just the matter of our choice to stay or to leave for better cheese(not everytime, depends on your luck).

LittleFrog said...

In Sweden work OT is also unpaid. In Norway, the company that I currently went for interviewed, you have to apply to the boss that you need to work OT, if approve, then you'll get the money, else, nope!

What I can say one thing is that boss usually don't know how "hard" is your work, they just thought it is very simply and can finish the task in short time, BUT never think how if something goes wrong and need to be fix? Example like the bugs fixed?

BJ said...

Change is the only constant