Friday, January 05, 2007


I saw this picture in one of the web site, Love it too that's why share it hereFor those who used a lot of internet services, definetely your guy know some of itWhat can we find in this picture?I visited to:

1) Technorati
2) GTalk
3) Bluetooth ( a technology)
4) Amazon
5) AskJeeves (Ask anything)
6) Youtube (Video video)
7) Google (everyone know this)
8) WordPress
9) Skype
10) Flickr (Photo sharing)
11) Digg (Digging good stuffs)
12) Yahoo
13) Blogspot (Blog about yourself)
14) delicious (Bookmark)
15) boingboing (This one...erm....forgetten what is it)
16) RSS Logo(a technology, not a site)
17) Techcruhch
18) Myspace
19) Ebay
20) IPOD (MP3 Player)
21) Zoho (Create & share applications) -Informed by Sin X
22) 43 Folders -Informed by Sin X
23) textmate -Informed by Sin X
24) AJAX -Informed by Sin X
25) feedburner (Manage your rss & podcast feeds)Informed by Sin X
26) (personalize your radio)Informed by Sin X
27) Jotspot (Take one set of notes) -Informed by Sin X

Other than that, if anyone who know any site from the picture and which i didnt listed above, post your comment here. Just share it!
Source of picture from :

For more pictures, you can refer here


Jyrenze said...

The artist must have a lot of time on his hands, lol..funky pic

sinXer said...

Zoho - Create & share applications,
43 Folders,
feedburner - Manage your rss & podcast feeds, - personalize your radio,
Jotspot - Take one set of notes

still got a few but i can't name them

Xweing said...

Interesting blog you have there!

I always see you leave comments on my blog.. haha.. thx for visiting!

May I know who you are? Any photo? Haha..

Where do you work at? Same company as Jia Qin?

Jennifer Chasity said...

The ebay is actually eboy. There is also Odeo, AdBrite, Facebook (the like hands), Foobar, Twitter (the birds), Peecol, Rollyo, Laughing Squid, Newsvine, Make (a magazine), and Gumshoo.