Friday, June 09, 2006

Google SketchUp

What is it about? Well......a simplified modelling tool..
Easy for beginner, Easy for expert...Easy to everyone

Let's see what it can do...
Below is my office floorplan (This is not the complete version)

Picture 1 - Overall

Picture 2 - One of the printer

Picture 3 - Air Con

Picture 4 - Transparent view

Picture 5 - Cabinet

Picture 6 - Another View

Picture 7 - Key Hole of the cabinet

Picture 8 - More cabinets view

As what i know, this software is not originally created by google. They buy over the sketchup from a company(lazy to find out what company is it...).Wanna try it more? Go visit on Google SketchUp


Jyrenze said...

can change line to architecture liao...haha

Eng said...

hey... architecture is a good line as well ya know

ashes said...

didnt know u can draw so well..

YSLim said...

hahaha! is not that difficult as you though, u can try it out too...

BillyTong said...

I prefer to call it interior design.

Interior design is not easy to do. U must have a lot of imagination, creativity and art skill to be success in this line.

But a good ID designer can earn a lot of money, especially in designing big house :D

but ID is very enjoying if u have the passion to do it. My friend's boss take her to Dubai to see the ID design. I so envy her!

YSLim said...

the picture i draw out is not about any kind of interior design...

it is just another duplicate view from my office!

so as usual, it doesnt really have any kind of design, hahahaa!!!

amy said...