Monday, March 19, 2007

Why Gal is more difficult to be understand rather than guy?

I many times, girls always concerned about this question "Guys are difficult to be understand"

Today i wanted to write a post of "Why Gal is more difficult to be understand rather than guy?"

Read the story below:

guy: what do u wish to eat today?

girl: erm..anything lo

guy: kopitiam food?

girl: duwan la...everyday working also eating the kopitiam food...

guy: wanna eat mamak stall?

girl: duwan...i not feel to eat spicy food now..

guy: McD or KFC?

girl: duwan...I just ate fast food 2 days ago

guy: Sushi King, ok?

girl: I not feel to eat rice....everyday dinner also eat rice although it is not really just only rice.

guy: that, how about secret receipe?

girl: ok la..cincai..we go la!

(*GUY THOUGHT: if like that, firstly you should just tell me you want to eat western food....)

One of the worst situation is when a guy make a gal angry.
guy: can you forgive of what i did just now, sorry...ok?

girl : ok.......
(Silent for few minutes....)
guy : do you wanna go shopping today?

girl: anything

guy : what do you wan to eat today?

girl: anything...

guy :........

guy : are you still angry now?

girl:.....yes i do

guy : but i already said sorry just now.

girl: ya, but i'm still feel angry.

guy : what should i do in order make you cool down?

girl: how do i suppose to know? isn't you should think it yourself rather you ask me this?

guy : .......(feel so innocent to say that)

guy : then why do you said "ok" while i say sorry to you? i thought it is already over?

girl: ya, but it doesn't make me feel better after that

guy : ...................................(SOOO INNOCENT)

(*GUY THOUGHT: if like that, what should i do if i cant really know what she think! HARD TO GET HER MIND!)

Based on the dialogue above, as you see, girl is more difficult to understand...they mindset design is designed in a way not guys can understand? If you not believe on what i say, look at the picture below.

Picture from:
Isn't that what i said is TRUE? do you agree with me?


Jyrenze said...

the answer is:

because guys dont try hard enough. hahha

sinXer said...

wahaha... i like the picture above. it really tells the thing out.

Eng said...

no.. it's not that guys dun try hard enuff, it's just that guys takes things simpler and esier


~원 준 偉~ said...

May be this is fact of the different between gal and guys. ^^

YSLim said...

not really...

that's the different style of shopping between girl n guy

i agree what u said, guys tried hard to understand them

~원 준 偉~
it is the fact

Eng said...

gals... they're always indecisive, mysterious and difficult to understand aren't they?


BJ said...


in billy's case he try to hard and too serious


BillyTong said...

Actually it is not that hard to figure out what gals think. It is you make things complicated. Their face emotion, body language betray them. It is pretty easy to read their thoughts & whats going in their mind.

btw, that picture is very very outdated, and it is not entirely true for all womans, even for shopholics womans. Shopholics womans normally go to GAP to buy her stuff first only then they spend their remaining time to shop other places. Guys will do the same thing when they go to lowyat. So generally that picture is QUITE misleading.


sf said...

Well,I strongly agree with jyrenze -
although I do not know her :)

"Guys dont try hard enough"

"Please put urself in a gals situation,then you will know wat they are thingking"