Friday, December 01, 2006

New product - Optimus 103 Keyboard!

Front View

Graphical display on key

The amazing feature is this, each of the key is the stand alone "DISPLAY SCREEN" on that key...

How much would it cost if you interested to get one?
US1200, equallance to RM 4400...HAHAHA!

I would said, few years later this will be the keyboard which going to replaced our keyboard.

More information you can visit to artlebedev


BillyTong said...

2nd picture:
What if I do not have either one ipod, edonkey, quick time installed? Isn't it a waste of money for the extra FIXED function button that I do not use at all?

3rd picture:
What what to do text editing during photo shopping? Unplug my current keyboard & plug in the regular one? Isn't that slower than using a mouse to click on the menu?

4th picture:
It is clearly that this keyboard is design for "Quake" games.But,
4a. What about other games? Do I need to buy a new keyboard and plug in one by one everytime I play a new game?
4b. During quake games how do I chat with my other friends? There is no ASCII keys there.
4b. What are the use of other keys that do not have labels? A dummy keys?
4c. How about normal typing? Unplug and plug in the regular keyboard to type?
4d. Even the IF keys are function the same like a regular keyboard, why don't u print the label for each of the keys? You expect me to remember all of them?

Conclusion :
C1. These keyboards may be special button but they do not have the basic button like Window, Shutdown, standby, wake button
C2. These keyboard are either a prototype display set(not in production) or it doesn't exist at all.
C3. What is the purpose of posting this?
C4. USD1100 is not RM4400. 1 USD = RM3.60. Have you watch/read financial news? To be exact it is about RM3960+/-.
C5. The price of the keyboard is too expensive and it is not make by GOLD.

YSLim said...

I couldnt confirmed whether the button is FIXED button to placed the ipod, edonkey....i think there would provided the customize function where you can customize the shortcut key and display key.

If that game is just customize for a single game, i guess not many peoples will going to purchase it. As showed in the picture, is to demostrate the ability of each keyboard key has alone display.

The preorder is started on 12 december.Which mean it is ready for production. You can buy and test it out.

I already stated there the price is USD1200, not USD1100 la!

Round out USD1200*3.7(approximately rather than 3.6)=RM4400, correct!

Price is expensive, but there are still peoples capable to buy it...just like why peoples buy Benz rather than kancil.

Jyrenze said...

Aiya chill la, exchange rate will always be different at any time, as long as he posted the original price in USD then ok lar...

BillyTong said...

Eh brother from the previous time I visited ur blog I saw you quote USD1100 one leh.

The keyboard is very expensive at the moment, I dont see it a reason tat the market will accept it for sometime.

DonDon said...

WOW, i have post this keyboard to my blog as well. but that time i don't know the price for it. and now i know.. hahaha, RM4k... that keyboard worth a very nice peformance Desktop PC!